Our Plans For Summer Reading

Summer Reading Plans

We’re in the middle of changing from school year mode to summer mode.  As most long-term readers know, we homeschool year round, but our homeschool naturally relaxes some in the summer and we don’t want to read anything too serious.  If you want to see what we read last summer, this is our summer reading post from last year.

This year, we have a 10 year old, an 8 year old and 4 and 5 year olds.  We plan on utilizing the library and freely reading a lot of picture books, but I have one or two series on hand that I’m wanting us to experience before the end of summer.

CCB_6-book_set We read the book Thick as Thieves a couple of months ago as part of the TOS Review Crew.  After that I bought the complete set of Circle C Beginnings books.  We read the first two and then got distracted with some other work, and we’re going to take the summer to get back to these lovely books.  These books are complicated enough in plot for my older two to enjoy, but they’re simple enough that my little children can also use them for literature study.  As we work through them, we’ll be using her free literature guides to just add a little formal learning into our literature time.  If you go to her website, she even has lesson plans to aid in timing of working through the books.

6-book_set_JPG I’ve also been begged to buy the next series of Andi Carter books.  The Circle C Adventures books have Andrea a little older and they are a little more lengthy.  They’re perfect for the age range that Firecracker and Rose are in, and I know, from previous experience with Andi’s stories that the children will enjoy spending time in Andi’s world.  Again, I’ll use the free study guide and lesson plans to go with them, and these will be a full literature study in our house.

Those books will probably be enough to last us the whole summer.  However, if we complete our journey through these books, I have one more book series that I plan on introducing to the children this year.

9781593697846_p0_v3_s260x420We’re currently working through Homeschool Legacy’s Once-A-Week Revolutionary War unit study.  A couple of years ago I bought the box set of the American Girl Felicity books and they’ve just been sitting on my shelf.  So, if we have some extra time after we finish the Andi Carter books, we’re going to go through those books.  There’s a lap book available from Knowledge Box and there’s some free lap book templates at Homeschool Share that we may utilize.  There are also some great looking Pinterest boards for the Felicity books.  I also have the Colonial Kids activity book, and think that will be a great way to bring these books to life for some fun (and lighthearted) summer study.

So, these are three easy and fun plans for summer reading for my elementary aged children.  Do you do summer literature studies with your children?  What are your plans?


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