This Week

This week is a week where we’ve been very busy, but it feels like we haven’t gotten much accomplished.  We all have weeks like that though 🙂

The most exciting thing that we received this week was our new set of drums we bought to go with our review of DrumsWithWillie.  Firecracker is very excited about this one.  So far, he’s mostly learned a few technical things, but I’m sure that the lessons will start in pretty heavy next week.  We didn’t get our drums until the end of the week, so he hasn’t had much time with them yet.


Firecracker also continued working through Logic of English.  He finished the lesson that we started so long ago and never finished.  We haven’t put much time towards it, but his spelling on the rules that we’ve practiced are improving.  However, I’m not pushing a bunch of usage of it because we have a couple of new English/Grammar resources about to come in for review..

Logic of english

Firecracker and Rose started something completely new this week.  They are now learning Latin with Latina Christiana from Memoria Press.  I haven’t done Latin since high school, so this was a scary proposition for me.  Still, Firecracker thinks it’s pretty cool, and even though Rose objected at first, I think she kind of likes it too 🙂


Firecracker and Rose have also continued their study of Revolutionary Ideas.  This week we talked mostly about the Great Awakening, King George’s intolerable acts, and what a tyrant is.  We also added the stamp act, the sugar act and the proclamation of 1763 to our timeline.  (You might notice that there’s a timeline piece in the collage below related to our other history program.  I’ll get to it in a minute.)


I’ve started dropping a few things that I was requiring of the children this week to make way for a more relaxed (and yet very learning oriented) summer and to make space in our schedule for some new review products that are on their way.  Rose filled up that space creatively this week, and it felt good to see her create because she’s been in a cycle without too much space to create outside of our art lessons for a few weeks.  She made a monster with gel pens, beaded some necklaces for her friends and painted a spring t-shirt.

busy rose

She also created an acrylic sunset canvas.  While she worked on that, Owlet continued to work on the button canvas that we had started a few weeks ago.  She’s decided to totally ignore the color guidelines that we set up at the beginning of the project, so I have no idea how it will turn out anymore!!

girl time

We had a little more free art time one afternoon that everyone participated in because we started working through a little ABC book with the preschoolers this week called S is for Smiling Sunrise.  A is for artwork.

We also worked through B is for butterfly this week, and watched a documentary called Metamorphosis: The Beauty and Design of Butterflies.  It wasn’t actually a documentary for preschoolers.  It was more geared for Firecracker’s age and above,  but the little children loved the butterflies flying around and all the colors…and then they gradually drifted to sleep while Firecracker and I watched it and Rose complained of boredom.

more art time

Speaking of things the little kids are sitting in on, they’ve been sitting in on our Veritas Press history that we do most mornings right after breakfast.  This week we’ve been learning about the pyramids, and the children all even made some simple yardstick models of pyramids.  They were great for the little ones later that day to use in their pretend play “Egypt world.”


We read a lot more picture books this week.  Some are from the library.  Others are from our collection at home to use with our Revolutionary War and Egypt studies.


We also continued drawing and writing in our literature notebooks each day.  This is something that both the smaller children look to with great fondness, so if I forget to make time  for this, they remind me to do this. (Especially Monkey.  It might be his favorite time of day.)

notebooking hour

We did another lesson in our ARTistic Pursuits book.  The lesson was on creating sharp edges in your watercolor project, but I’m pretty sure that Rose is the only one who actually took the lesson seriously as you can see from the results of the other children.

artistic pursuits

The little kids also played more La La Logic on the computer.  We didn’t do any of the outside supplements this week, but they enjoyed their computer time.

La La Logic

I guess that about does it for this week.  Don’t forget to check out my La La Logic review from yesterday.  I also have a review going up for the A+ Interactive that we’ve been using for math recently on Friday, so if you’re looking for a way to fill in some math gaps in your children, you might want to come and check that out!


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