How We Use Pinterest in Our Homeschool

How we use Pinterest in Our Homeschool

Pinterest is an amazing tool, and often, a place where you can think you’re going for “just a second” to find an hour or more passing before you even know it.  Because I’m a crafty person, and I have children who like to do crafts, it’s an even more tempting place for us to just park for hours.

So, I have to have a strategy for how I use it in my homeschool.  If you want to use it effectively, you need to have a strategy too!  Here are three ways that we use Pinterest to enhance our homeschool.

1.  We Have Boards For All the Holidays We Celebrate.

We have boards for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.  We have boards for smaller holidays like Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day.  Because we’ve decided that we’re going to learn about Jewish holidays this year by celebrating them, I even have a board for Feast of Trumpets (and will be making other boards soon.).

Each time I get on Pinterest or visit a blog and see a craft or activity that fits one of my holiday boards, I pin it for later.  We usually do family crafting/Pinterest time about once a week where we choose activities that are either holiday themed or related to one of the children’s interest areas and create something.  It’s even on my schedule so that I won’t forget to spend this time with the children.  It adds happiness to our home.

2.  Each Child Keeps Their Own Interest Boards

Each child has their own interests that they want to create crafts, save coloring sheets and even pin cartoons/illustrations for later inspiration.

For example, Firecracker has boards for Pokemon, Mario, Minecraft and Pikmin.  I also have children with Star Wars boards, cats boards, and superhero boards.  Each one has a space for their own interest, and when they have free time, they’re allowed to go to their Pinterest board and pick projects or just look for inspiration.  This has allowed a bunch of crafting and fun to happen all around the clock.

3.  I Create Boards Based On Our Studies

Anytime we find something that we want to study, I tend to create boards of ideas based on those ideas.  For example, when we studied Noah’s Ark a while back, I created a Noah’s Ark board full of interesting crafts and teaching ideas.  I could refer back to those ideas, and I would consult the children on different things that they might do.  I would see if there was any interest in further study by gauging my children’s interest as we went through the boards.

So, those are the main ways we use Pinterest in our homeschool.  Do you enjoy using Pinterest?  How do you use it in your homeschool?


2 thoughts on “How We Use Pinterest in Our Homeschool

  1. I found this very interesting because I had never thought to give the children a board under my name. I think that’s a brilliant idea! The girls in particular will love it. Thanks for sharing – it was very useful!

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