A Slice of the Universe

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to look through the archives of my blogging journals and see what I’ve promised to write about and haven’t written about yet.  So, with that in mind, I was thumbing through my notebook today, and I a project I had wanted to write about from last February that I haven’t had time to yet.

A Slice of the Universe

Last year, Firecracker spent a couple of weeks completing a science unit on astronomy.  As part of this unit, he was introduced to the idea of his position in the universe.  This was by taking a slice of the universe.

A slice of the universe starts underneath our feet and goes all the way to the stars and planets above.  We constructed our own piece of the universe.

We started with a piece of white bulletin board paper that we unrolled for our project.  We cut apart brown construction paper and layered it for the ground.  Firecracker and I found some clip art worms (and even a clip art skeleton to put into our ground.


Then we cut green construction paper into a nice grass shape and glued it down.  A house was also quickly made with construction paper.

Firecracker decided to draw on his people and some airplanes and helicopters.  Cotton balls would form the clouds.


Finally, he made a big yellow pom-pom for the sun, and several other pom-poms to be planets in the distance.  He even added some foam star stickers to be the stars in the sky.  (The big red pom pom is Jupiter!)


I thought it turned out to be a really nice way to illustrate how the earth extends up into space and that it also extends far down below our feet.  As an artsy Mom, I was also very excited to be able to combine science with a nice use of collage.


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