This Week

This week was a pretty unusual week for us.  My Hubby was gone all weekend on a business trip, and we’re not used to him traveling.  He got in late on Sunday night, and stayed home from the office to recuperate on Monday.  Tuesday was Owlet’s birthday, and by the time we got done with CBS on Wednesday it felt like the whole week was shot for productivity.  Still, we managed to have some fun and do some things too 🙂

To begin with, of course was Owlet’s birthday.  She turned four, and she loves princesses and fairies.  She had a Barbie cake, and has spent a lot of time wearing the fairy costume she got for her birthday since we celebrated Tuesday night.  It’s amazing to know that we no longer have a toddler in the house.  Instead, we’re full of walking, talking preschoolers and elementary aged kids.  We’re in a really fun stage here 🙂

Owlet's Birthday

We learned how to make hanging flower baskets at our monthly Kid’s Club co-op this month. This was too much fun!  Owlet, especially enjoyed getting to spend some time gardening.

Making Plants

We continued with our writing and literacy hour this week.  It’s become a good solid daily habit in our homeschool.

Literacy Hour

We also made a trip to the library this week and picked up all kinds of picture books for reading.  In fact, we didn’t really read any chapter books this week, just picture books.  I’m okay with sacrificing a little on the chapter books to allow the preschoolers to more fully participate in our homeschool.


While I’m on the topic of English, The little kids continued working on First Start Reading this week.  They learned the word “ram” this week.

First Start Reading

Rose worked on Spelling You See this week, but I never got any pictures.  Firecracker has, after a long break away from it went back to Logic of English this week.  He completed lesson 3.  It’s actually going much better with him now that Rose is doing her own thing.  (In May or June, I’m going to take some time to share each child’s progress for this year, and my ideas/plans for them for next year.)

Logic of English

We also spent some time as a family working on our Revolutionary War study from Homeschool Legacy.  We spent some time mapping, and we had some movie time with a couple of history cartoons that my Dad had given us.  I even had the little kids watching the movies and coloring the continents and the oceans.  The big kids labeled several countries as well.  (Monkey kept turning his continent page upside down.  Oh well, at least he could figure out which was land and which was water.)


We took one afternoon and made a Pinterest craft together.  Firecracker had been asking to make sock puppets for a couple of weeks, and we finally got around to making some.  I think they turned out pretty well.  The children were happy 😉

sock puppets

The little kids worked on both online and worksheet portions of their La La Logic program.  I’ll be bringing you a review next week, and I’ll be gushing over it, I’m sure.  They ask to work on it every day!

La La Logic

The three younger ones have also spent plenty of time building with Legos.  They’ve been using the huge Mega Blocks and the Duplo Legos that they all have.  Owlet even received new Sophia Duplos for her birthday that she’s been playing with all week.


I also took some pictures in Sunday school this week.  I’ve continued my eternal security series in my Sunday school class. You might remember that I have a couple of posts in the series here and here.  I owe you guys a new post soon with my children’s lesson on how he’s got us in his hands.  We’re also doing some work with the Books of the Bible that I plan on posting about soon.

eternal security

I guess that’s all for now.  I’ll be back tomorrow with an astronomy project post that I’ve been meaning to share for over a year now.  Hope you guys had a great week too!


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