This Week

This week was a week that was dominated by Easter, egg hunts, warm weather, and a fun field trip.  It felt very “Spring Breakish”, but we still got a ton of things done.  So, in other words, it was a very good week.

Our fun started with a nighttime Easter egg hunt at our church.  There were bounces, glow in the dark eggs, and a lot of fun.  There were a ton of people there too.  Note for the future:  Nighttime egg hunts are way more exciting than daytime ones.

Friday Night

Sunday was a doubly fun day for us.  After church, we went to my Mom’s house and had lunch.  The kids also hunted Easter eggs there, and even earned cash in their prize eggs.

Nana's house

We also went to the in-laws house for Easter night dinner.  The kids have shed their pretty dresses and sweater vests because they know they’re going to play frisbee and swing on the swing set.  They get to hunt eggs there too.

Grammi's house

Between their egg hunting and the baskets that Hubby and I got them, they are seriously rich in candy and other little trinkets.  I think the favorite thing of all for the children were the “Bubble eggs” they got at my Mom’s house.  They have blown bubbles and blown bubbles this week, especially inside because our cat jumps at the bubbles and tries to pop them!

We also went on a really cool field trip to a house called Roselawn.  It was the home of Methodist minister Sam Jones.  It’s a part of Georgia history I’ve sincerely neglected.  It was very interesting for me.  The kids were a little less than excited at the beginning of the trip, but they eventually got into it.


We also spent a whole afternoon riding bikes and tricycles at my mother’s house.  That makes the things we got done seem even more like we’re overachievers 🙂

The children painted the sculptures they made last week, and they seemed very happy with the results.


We had a breakthrough for Firecracker with the A+ Tutorsoft that we’re using.  He tested out of the grade level tests for fourth grade for number sense, addition and subtraction.  That was a pretty big deal for him, and made him have a much better attitude toward the idea of doing math.

A+ Tutorsoft

He also, at one point chose to work a little on his GPA LEARN math while the little kids were engaged in a different lesson.

GPA Learn

We’ve started an American Revolution study from Homeschool Legacy.  We’ve considered some scriptures and related them to the American Revolution.

American Revolution

We’ve also learned about the major events leading up to the American Revolution, and we’ve put some of them on our timeline.


We’ve also had our whole family literature hour each day.  I’m surprised at how quickly this has been accepted and integrated by my children as an important part of our day.  In  fact, it’s inspired Rose to keep a completely separate journal for her thoughts.  I like seeing her try to write. 🙂

Literature Hour

The three younger ones worked on La La Logic more this week.  We mostly stuck to the online activities.  I’ve been printing out the enrichment worksheets as we come to them, and putting them in my “to-do” stack because they’re good enough to come back and do later.

LaLa Logic

We also worked more on First Start Reading this week.  The little kids learned the word “ran.” The little ones have really enjoyed having their own schoolwork daily over the past few weeks, and they even have a list of things that they want to do each day based on their “schoolwork.”  I am so glad that I’m finally being more consistent about adding them in.

First Start Reading

A few miscellaneous shots here.  Top Left:  I”m filling out some answers for reflection questions for the Successful Homeschooling Made Easy that I’m reviewing.  I’m just finishing week five, and it’s really helped me make some changes in our school dynamic that have been so good for us.

Top Right:  Firecracker is making Shadow Soup for dinner out of his Star Toaster book Orphs of the Woodlands.  Love the way he’s become such a big kid this school year.  There’s been a definite separation in our house where he’s the big kid, and the others are all together different.  (He’s still working through it, but now that the review’s over, I won’t be taking as many pictures.)

Bottom Left:  A little Mozart on You Tube.  I’ve added in playing classical music in the background for the children while they play in this week as music appreciation.  So easy, but we’ve had conversations (started by the children) every day about our music selection.

Bottom Right: Alone Yet Not Alone: Their faith became their freedom is the read-aloud we just finished.  It’s about a girl who is taken captive by the Indians during the French and Indian war, and even though Firecracker referred to it as a “dime novel,” it’s a true story! LOL  Rose was especially in love with the story.   I won it last summer from another blog, and it turned out to be the most perfect read-aloud I could have imagined with this week’s  American Revolution Study.


I should mention that we also continued our Veritas Press history alongside our American Revolution study, and this week we focused on the Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt by Pharaoh Menes.  Through this we learned about the Nile River, shadufs, and some Egyptian mythology.  We didn’t do much with it this week, but we’re still enjoying our lessons.


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