Unoffendable {A BookLook Bloggers Review}


Sometimes I’ve struggled with anger in my life.  Anger feels powerful and it feels like it can change things when nothing else can.  After an explosion of anger, however, I would leave off feeling convicted, guilty and sinful.  Then, I would rationalize it.  After all, my anger was righteous and it was okay.  That was the message that I was picking up from culture, even the surrounding Christian culture.  And in that way, my anger would be changed from a sin against God to a virtue that I had for God, even if I knew on the inside that it was still a sin.

And that’s the message that Brant Hansen has in his new book Unoffendable: How Just One Change Can Make All of Life Better.  We have bought into a lie that anger is okay for Christians, and in believing this lie, we’ve placed ourselves on par with God himself as judge. So, what’s the solution?

According to Hansen, it involves letting go.  Letting go of our need for control.  Letting go of our need to be write.  Letting go of the idea that we can know the hearts of men.

In addition to letting go , we need to learn to love like Jesus.  When we can love people instead of condemning people, we will find ourselves showing the true love of Jesus and people won’t be able to help being drawn to God’s love through our love.

I found this book to have a really challenging and true message.  I believe that we’re never showing the love that God wants us to show through the Holy Spirit in our lives when we’re in a position of anger and condemnation.  That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take action in our lives.  Instead, it calls us to a life of richness and helping others, starting with those who are in our lives, and extending to the whole community.  Then, we can truly change the world.

Disclosure:  I received a complementary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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