Real Life Homeschooling: Friday

real life homeschooling friday

Because in our house, homeschooling actually blends back-and-forth between parent-led and child-led, anytime we get into a rhythm that is too parent-led, the children help me to bring it back into balance.  We’ve had two heavy, parent-led book learning days this week, and they found themselves itching to start a new project.

On this day, I got up around 7:40 for blogging and Bible reading time before the children were good and awake.  They were up by 9:15 and I asked them to go ahead and do Orphs of the Woodlands and A+ Tutorsoft before we did anything else.

So, about 9:45 they were done and we had breakfast.  Breakfast was followed by our Veritas Press history…still on Noah’s ark.

About 10:15, we started working through Revelation and the books out of the book box.  The preschoolers were very involved in this today, and they brought me several picture books and a comic book to read to them in addition to the books that were already in the box.  We finished our second Circle C Beginnings book, Andi’s Indian Summer.


At 12:05, we stopped reading and we had lunch.  After lunch, we spent some time getting dressed and packing an overnight bag because the children were spending the night with their Nana and Grandad.

We also decided that we needed to take some time to make our own Noah’s ark models.  Firecracker was the only one who wasn’t overwhelmingly enthusiastic about this one, but he agreed to participate.  That was a relief to me because it meant we could all focus on the same project.  We started by trying to do some cardstock arks that I had printed off the Veritas press website for our history class.


Guys, I’m just not smart enough to figure out how to get those arks together the way they should have been.  The children were helpful, but we still never got those arks together.

So, we broke out the shoe boxes.  We glued together some shoe boxes for our ark, and we added a posterboard roof.


Those needed some time to dry, so we spent the rest of the afternoon (until my Dad came and picked up the children) watching different videos on our RightNow Media account on Noah’s ark.

Later, I would see a picture on Facebook of Rose practicing the guitar with her Grandad.  Meanwhile, Hubby and I went out to eat and shopped at Target for the children’s Easter baskets.

Emalee Guitar Lessons

So, there you have it.  Our week in a nutshell over the past few days.  How was your week?

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2 thoughts on “Real Life Homeschooling: Friday

  1. I just cannot convince myself to be crafty with the arts and crafts. I know right, I’m the Creative Madness Mama. But my creative is in fabric I suppose. I enjoy reading about your days (and I love your comments on mine!). What I love love love is your mention of getting up early to blog and be in the Word. I wish I could make myself diligent in that.

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