Real Life Homeschooling: Thursday

real life homeschooling Thursday

Thursday is our second full day at home this week.  We use it to work on the reviews we have going on and to do our history and reading that we try to do every day.

I get out of bed and begin to work on stuff for my blog just before 8 am.  However, I have a new book that I download into my iBooks for a Crew Review, and I keep getting distracted by starting to read it. 🙂

The children slowly get up this morning because they always do on Thursdays after the busy and late day on Wednesday.  However, this week they’re all up and ready to eat breakfast by about 9:15 am.

So, we start with our A+ interactive math at 9:35 am.


Soon after, we start history which is a continuation of common questions that people have about Noah’s ark.


By 10:10 we are working on Revelation and reading books from the book box.  We read a few chapters from some different books, but don’t actually finish anything for me to share here.

At 11:50, we begin cleaning up and I start making lunches.  Leftovers for Rose and Nutella sandwiches with raisins and bananas for everyone else.

At 1:20 I put the girls in the bath.  Firecracker spends the whole time on Orphs of the Woodlands.  He finishes a chapter and does all the learning quizzes and project building he needs to do as he wraps up the chapter.


While Firecracker does this, Monkey pulls out his paper dolls that he’s made from coloring sheets and plays with them.

By 2:15, the girls are out of the bath and the boys are getting ready for a bath of their own.  During bath time, Rose begins by doing Spelling You See and Owlet looks through her Daddy’s comic books.


Rose, inspired by Firecracker’s Pokemon notebook begins to make a  cat notebook.  She begins by finding out what a tomcat is.


Owlet loves the chance to spend some time coloring a cat coloring sheet.


A little after 3, the boys get out of the bathtub, and I have them all do an enrichment activity from La La Logic where they each make a notebooking page called “I am feeling __________ today.”  Each kid finds something different to put into it.  In the one below, Firecracker is feeling bad because his toy got broken and I haven’t fixed it yet.  I’m grateful that he’s finally mature enough to express his emotions a little more clearly in words.


At 3:25 pm, the preschoolers start working on First Start Reading.  Today, they learn the letter R, its sounds and how to write it.  They’re excited about the lesson.


By 3;45 pm, the children are ready for an art lesson.  Today’s lesson is quick.  We learn how to do a watercolor wash.


They really take to it, and I love Rose’s finished product.


The lesson is quick and and around 4 pm the kids want to spend some time with La La Logic on the computer.


By 4:30 the children are finished with all the “school” they’re going to do and decide to play more Super Mario on the Wii U.  I work on some housework and I read a little bit, and then I make spaghetti with meat sauce, cheese bread, mini muffins for dinner.

We spend part of the evening watching the first two installments of the Bible mini series, and then we read our Bibles together before bedtime.

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