This Week

This week’s weekly wrap-up post is going to be short and sweet because I’ve got the “Real Life Homeschooling” going on on the blog this week.  We don’t have much by way of pictures and things to show from our homeschooling this week anyway.  We spent one day at the park playing and feeding ducks, and another day getting the boys haircuts and playing video games 🙂

We spent the vast majority of this week focused on movies and projects for Noah’s ark.  I’ll owe you guys two posts about that, and I’m adding them to my blogging notebook in the hopes that I’ll have time to work them in eventually soon.  The children were really happy with their big Noah’s ark models and have spent a lot of time playing with them and their little Lego people and creatures.

Noah's Ark

We also did some sculpting with model magic.  If we can get it to dry enough, I may try letting them put a little acrylic paint on them.  We’ll have to see how it goes.  I can’t find my regular air-dry clay.  It seems to have vanished into thin air.

model magic

The children spent a ton of time on the computer portion of La La Logic this week.  I didn’t do any enrichment activities, but they still learned a lot of things from the practice that they did get on the computer.

la la logic

We also continued working on A+ Tutorsoft, Orphs of the Woodlands and our history program.  I just didn’t take any pictures.  We did learn two things though that I thought were very interesting.

First, our history program spent a ton of time devoting our Tower of Babel lessons to learning about ziggurats.  I learned stuff, and it’s the children’s first introduction to them, so I hope they learned too 🙂

The second is that Rose failed one of the math lessons she did this week on skip counting by 2s.  After she had difficulty with the lesson, I sat with her as she did the online practice worksheet to uncover her weaknesses.  She has no actual trouble with the even number counting by 2s that is usually required, but her math lesson was asking her to count odd numbers by 2s.

I thought to myself, well, maybe I should go on pinterest or google and see if I can find any 2 numbered skip counting worksheets that she can practice with or games I can play.  Nothing.  Not one single thing could I find.    I thought maybe I should make something up.  Then, I realized that we never skip count by 2s with odd numbers in real life, and the idea of making her do extra work on it was just crazy on my part! LOL

I’ve decided to do a little retooling of our homeschool, and I’m using Successful Homeschooling Made Easy as a helper.  As many of you know, I’ve struggled this year as I’ve tried to start combining the littles and big kids together, and this review has come along at the right time.

My new favorite part of the day is our “Literature Hour” that all four children are going together, as a part of simplifying and integrating all four into our homeschooling.  The three older children are really working hard on their new notebooks, and Owlet’s writing a lot of “cat shaming” notes in hers.  🙂

Expect me to also have a “numeracy hour” coming soon that focuses on math games and practical math that I can do with all four together.  The little kids did our Noah’s Ark and Tower of Babel history with us this week too, so I’m excited about working on ways to combine all four children together as a family and learn together.

Literature Hour

Just a few miscellaneous pictures.  Even though I read many picture books this week, the only chapter book we read was Andi’s Indian Summer (Circle C Beginnings #2).  It’s a funny and lovely book.

We went to Staples and picked out new books and pens for our new literature hour.  They’re really excited about getting time to write about whatever it is that they want to write about that day, and I think the new notebooks really help.

Remember my Egglo review last month?  I’ve been playing with them a little bit for our church’s easter egg hunt this week.  (I’m writing this on the Friday afternoon before Easter, even though you’ll see it just after Easter.)


That’s about it for this week.  Make sure you check out some of my “real life” homeschooling posts this week.  They show the pattern and routine that we settle into with so many of our homeschooling days. 🙂

Next week’s going to be busy on the blog with reviews, and I’ll be sharing our Easter pictures and more besides that.  Hope you guys had a great week, and don’t forget to check out our real-life homeschooling posts if you want to see what our daily rhythm is looking like right now!!


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