Real Life Homeschooling: Wednesday

real life homeschooling wednesday

Wenesday is our co-op day.  We don’t do an academic co-op.  We go to Community Bible Study, which ends up being a Bible focused co-op for us.  Class runs from 10 am to 12 pm, but because I help in one of the children’s classes, we end up being there from 8 am until a little after 1:30 pm.  The children spend some time drawing and playing with other children both before and after class.

I get up at 6 am and get ready, pack lunches and get the children ready.  I’m not allowed to take pictures at CBS because it’s against policy for me to share pictures of the children online, so just imagine us there playing, learning about Revelation, and having lots of fun.

We get home about 2 pm, and I have some blogging work that I need to do on the computer.  The children watch television and play on my Kindle or a DS while I work.

Around three, we decide to do history.  We take our test on Cain and Abel, and then decide to do another lesson, so we begin to learn about Noah’s Ark.


It’s about 3:45 when we pull out our book box.  We read a picture book about Noah’s ark, and we finish reading a How To Train Your Dragon short story called Day of the Dreader.  It’s the very last of our How to Train Your Dragon books, so the children are anxiously awaiting the last book in the series come November.


At 5:45, I tell them it’s time to get dressed for AWANA.  The little kids are wanting some of my attention, so we do a little La La Logic.  I let them work on the computer, and we practice making faces in the mirror based on our emotions.  We also act out an emotional response to different situations.


At 6:40, Hubby is home and we leave the house for AWANA.  We go by Wendy’s after AWANA, and we eat dinner around 9 pm. After that, it’s time to read our Bibles and go to bed.  Quick feeling day, huh?

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5 thoughts on “Real Life Homeschooling: Wednesday

  1. We’re just finishing up Book 3 of How to Train Your Dragon the series, and we are loving it. Sounds like a wonderful and unique co-op you have. What a blessing!

  2. I love our co op(s – next year we hope to do two) and our pe class. My kids take a mixture of academic and “elective type” classes at our current co op and we are there all day. I count it as a school day because, while the elective classes may not be totally academic in nature, they are still gaining experience in working in a group/discussion setting, they are socializing (the dreaded word among homeschoolers lol) which is, or used to be, part of the school day for all schools, and they are constantly learning something whether it is something about science, or how to listen when a friend needs to talk.

  3. we used to enjoy co-op days so much (my kids have outgrown the co-op we used to attend). I have many friends that attend Community Bible Study and it sounds just awesome. But too far away for us to manage it. Sounds like a busy day – in a good way!

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