Real Life Homeschooling: Tuesday

real life homeschooling tuesday

Tuesdays, unless I have a field trip planned are usually stay at home days.  We concentrate on our review items and the items (like our history program) that we’ve chosen to learn about, adding in other stuff as we see fit.

On this Tuesday, I got up about 7:40 am, and I got on the computer and worked on blogging stuff as well as set up student accounts on the math program we had received for review this  morning.

The older two children were awake by about 8 am, and so I fed them breakfast and snatched a little time in my Bible as soon as they got up.  By 8:30 am, we were on our history program learning more about Cain and Abel and about what tents were like in Old Testament days.


The lessons are very short in our history right now.  We’re at the beginning of a history cycle that is written on Rose’s grade level, and it is much easier than the history we were accustomed too.  I’m hoping that over the next few weeks it gets a little more difficult, but I’m also taking it as an opportunity to go deeper and share more literature and projects with the children.

About 8:45 the big kids are done with history and the little kids are awake.  I feed the little kids breakfast, and they begin to color in the coloring books we had received the day before at the police station.

The big kids and I began our book box time together.  We go through their Revelation books and AWANA verses individually, and then we pray together and read some family read-alouds.  Some of those are whole family, and the little kids come over to listen.  Others are just for the big kids.

On this particular morning, I finish a re-read of the Purposeful Design book that we read and reviewed last year.  We also finished a reading of the first Circle C Beginning book Andi’s Pony Trouble.


At 10:50 am we’re finished with the books that we want to read, and Firecracker moves on to some reading out of Orphs of the Woodlands.  He reads on for about 10 minutes, and then we move on to try out A+ Tutorsoft Interactive math for the first time.  The children are reviewing the grade level  testing with the individualized lesson plans.  Both children begin with a test on number sense.


Both children have lesson plans to bring them up to their grade level in math.  Firecracker has eight or nine lessons, and Rose has about 20-25 lessons, and she has a little tantrum of crying and being upset at the computer for her performance.


Around 11;50 am we have lunch.  Rose eats leftovers, and the other children have peanut butter sandwiches with chips and raisins.

After lunch, I put the girls into the bath.  While the girls are in the bath, Firecracker works on making more Pokemon cards and Monkey works on the computer portion of La La Logic.  While Monkey is on the computer, he decides to also play the Alphabet game.


At 1:50 pm, the girls get out of the bath, and I decide the living room is way too messy.  We have a time of straightening up, and at 2:10, I put the boys in the bath.

While the boys are in the bath, I work on spelling with Rose.


Owlet worked on  the Alphabet Song Game, and I’m really impressed by how well she knows her letters now.  Once Rose was finished with spelling, the girls both worked on the computer portion of La La Logic, and then Rose worked a little on our spelling program.


By 3 pm, the boys are out of the bath, and we decide to do an art lesson.  Today’s lesson was on making calendar pages, so I asked each child to choose a month to make a theme painting with their watercolors.


The little kids and I do a shadow matching page from their La La Logic curriculum.  I love Owlet’s open-mouthed concentration as she works on cutting out her bugs to match with their shadows.


While they’re doing that, Rose finishes up her painting and Firecracker plays a Kirby game on his DS.  He’s concentrated about all he wants to concentrate for today.


Once the little kids are done with their logic worksheet, they do First Start Reading with me.  This day’s focus is on learning the word “man,” and on reading the sentence “I see a man.”  I was excited when Monkey read it without stumbling other than with the word “a.”


About 10 after four, we take a little time with the younger three for them to all play a game from La La Logic.  We set up a row of toys, and I start mixing them up and removing items while they’re out of the room, making the difficulty greater and greater over the course of the game.  All three of them find this game to be a lot of fun.

I beg off after about 10-15 minutes (around 4:25) to start cooking dinner.  I make Chicken Enchiladas, Spanish rice, and refried beans.  I also make the Nutty Nut Bread that Firecracker and I wanted to try from Orphs of the Woodlands.  Usually, I have at least one child (Owlet) who wants to help me in the kitchen, but on this day, they all decide to play Super Mario Bros. Wii U, and they play very happily for about 2 hours before their Daddy comes home.

We spend the evening with our Bibles and watching television.  Firecracker and Hubby spend some time playing Pokemon cards, and at one point I sneak off for a relaxing bubble bath.

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3 thoughts on “Real Life Homeschooling: Tuesday

  1. I don’t know what it is, but I love watching others school!! It’s neat to see different ideas and how others go about it, I guess! Thanks for sharing your day with us! =)

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