Real Life Homeschooling: Monday

Real Life Homeschooling Monday

Happy Monday!!  This week, I’ll be bringing you five day-in-the-life posts to make a whole week’s worth of “Real Life Homeschooling.”  I’m excited about this series because it’s been a few months since I’ve done a day-in-the-life, and I’ve never attempted a “Five Days of” look into our real life.

I’ve chosen the week of March 23-March 27, 2015 to actually examine because it took the pressure off of me if I messed up recording this week to record it a couple of weeks before I actually blogged about it 🙂  Also, this week is Spring Break week here in the county that we live in, so most of our activities are on Spring Break and I wanted to give you a real sense of our daily routine.

So, let’s get started.  I don’t usually get up before 7:30, but this day found me getting up at 6 am.  It’s for an exciting reason though.  We’re going to the fire station and police headquarters here in town for a field trip!!

I got up at 6 so that I would have time to read my Bible and write for a little while before I woke the kids up.  The start rolling out of bed and getting into the shower around 8:15.  Firecracker’s birthday had been a few days before, so we had leftover cookie cake from my mother-in-law’s house for breakfast.


Once all the kids are good and awake and dressed, they begin to write signs and take pictures of the cat for cat shaming.  They’ve been reading the the dog shaming website with their Daddy and they’ve decided to make their own signs.  I’m called in to spell several words for their notes.


Finally, I have to put an end to their fun and get them loaded up to go to the police station.  After all, our field trip starts at 10 am.  We spend about an hour touring the police station and an hour touring the fire station.  They’re in the same building, so it’s easy to travel back and forth.

The highlight of the police station for the children is the chance to examine the police car.  I have to admit that I’m fascinated by the evidence locker system, the way they use the light machine to do fingerprints and the cubicles for detectives and policemen that I had only seen before in the movies.


The fire station is a place I had been several times, but never since Monkey and Owlet were babies.  I was glad we went because when Monkey saw a fireman in his complete gear, he let out a scared gasp, and the one person you don’t want to be afraid of is a fireman

They also had cute puppet shows and let the children wander through one of their firetrucks. I could only laugh when Firecracker asked the firemen if they had ever saved a cat out of a tree, and even though they said they sometimes got calls to, they had never seen a cat’s skeleton up in a tree.

Monkey and Owlet were most proud of getting their own fireman hats, and Monkey did his big strong pose for me with his on.


We finished our trip right around noon, and so we decided to go to Chick-fil-a.  Our Chick-fil-a is the nicest, friendliest fast food place in town, and they are one of the few fast food places that still have a playground, so deciding where to go for lunch was easy.


Several of the other mothers agreed, and the children had several playmates as they spent an  hour or so eating and on the playground.  They even talked me into ice cream as we left.  When, we got home, we had our ice-cream and the children watched a little My Little Pony while I checked my social media outlets (life of a blogger).

About 2:30 we decided to clean up and work a little on our history program.  We’re studying Cain and Abel, and most days all four children enjoy participating.


Afterwards, we work through our Revelation workbooks together and I read a little to the children.   Along with our reading, we finish reading a book called The Complete Book of Dragons: A Guide to Dragon Species (How to Train Your Dragon).  You’ll see as we go through the week that our history/Bible/reading combination is a spine that tends to be a part of each day.


While I’m reading to the children, Monkey and Owlet decide they aren’t interested in reading, so they pretend to be firefighters instead.  In this picture, they’re spraying us with water hoses while we’re sitting on the couch getting ready to read.


Once we’re through with all the reading we want to do, the older children decide that they want to spend the rest of their afternoon making Pokemon cards.  They need me off and on for technical help and spelling, but other than that, I spend that time to work with the little ones.


Monkey and Owlet and I work on La La Logic for a while.  We start by working on a categorizing worksheet where they separate objects into three different categories.  Then, they explained to me why they chose the categories they did and I write it down.


After we do that, the children want to do some of the brain training/challenge exercises on the computer, so I give them each a turn to work on those.


While they work on those, I start browning hamburger meat for sloppy joes and cutting up potatoes for french fries.  Once I have the bulk of dinner preparation done, I find Firecracker at a stopping place for his card creation, and I ask him if he’ll work on Orphs of the Woodlands.  It’s a review item, and I try to make sure that he works on it a few minutes each day.  He doesn’t like to read, and even though he’s enjoying it, he’s moving through it very slowly.


By this time, it’s 6:30 and Hubby is home, so we make plates and watch a couple of episodes of Pokemon.  Then, the girls play on the handheld video games while Monkey plays play dough and Hubby and Firecracker build a couple of Pokemon decks for playing tomorrow.

Finally, we read Bibles together and everyone gets ready for bed.  I’m glad because I’m pretty tired by that point!!

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  1. I love the computer stuff we get through TOS and use it on field trip days as well 😀 It’s always ‘fun’ stuff that they don’t mind doing and it gives me that cushion in case we don’t get to something on any given day 😀 You should like this up to the Field Trip Friday Blog Hop!

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