Love the Lord Marble Painting

Love the Lord Marble Painting

We’ve been doing a whole family Bible study on Deuteronomy 6:5.  If you’re not familiar with this verse, it says that:

And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.

I have a post coming (soon I hope) where I will share all the activities we did in this unit.  However, today I wanted to share an activity that I aimed at my preschoolers to remind them to love God with all their heart.  You’ll see from the pictures that this was fun enough that all four of my children wanted the opportunity to participate!

All you’ll need to complete this activity is:

  • Several colors of paint
  • Marbles or bouncy balls
  • computer paper cut into heart shapes
  • construction paper
  • Pencils or Markers
  • a cardboard box or tray to set paper and paint in

I used a letter tray that I had found in the Dollar Spot at Target.  It’s coated cardboard, and it was the perfect size for this project.  I was also able to wash off the tray to be able to use it again in the future.


I had wanted to choose some nice pinks, reds and whites for our paintings, but the children overruled me.  They decided to choose colors based on what they felt best represented heart, soul and strength.  They chose:

  • Heart = red
  • Soul = Blue
  • Strength = Green

Don’t ask me why they chose those colors, but it made sense to them.  I went ahead and pre-cut printer paper into  heart shapes.  I traced a foam heart that I already had on hand, but as the children wanted more and more hearts to paint, I cut hearts freehand as well.

Once we had the hearts and the paint in our tray, we were ready to put the marbles in and roll.


Everyone wanted their own chance to make one or two, criss-crossing and rolling through the paint with the marbles.  Even the older two thought it was the most fun we’d had in a while, and they eagerly made two a piece.


Once the paintings were made, we set them aside to dry overnight.  The blues and greens combined with the red to make an interesting, albeit almost black color.  I thought about how the passions in our hearts combine to make a jumbled mess and could totally relate to the images of the heart being so dark.


The next day, the children chose the heart image that they wanted to be their representative image on their heart, and we glued them to red construction paper.  Then each child wrote or dictated to me something about loving God onto their construction paper.


This ended up being a really good way to emphasize our verse and close out our study of this verse.  I don’t think that the children will be forgetting God’s command to love him with all that we have anytime soon.


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