This Week

This week was a good, solid, productive week.  We even managed a field trip 🙂  We went to our city’s combined fire & police station headquarters.  I’d never been to the police station before, so I found it really interesting.  Firecracker was also interested in the police station, but the other children loved the firestation and fire trucks best.

Fire and Police Station field trip

We also worked through the story of the fox and the eagle together this week, using some suggestions from the preschoolers’ La La Logic curriculum.  I couldn’t help but find some eagle and fox toilet paper roll crafts to go along with their retellings of the story though. 🙂

Fox and Eagle

We painted something seasonal, as in it was supposed to be the top of a calendar page.  Loved that Firecracker painted the month of March as a band marching.  He can be so silly 🙂


We also learned about watercolor washes, although Owlet decided to go against the lesson and just paint her own picture of a girl.  The other children loved learning the washes though.

watercolor washes

We read several books.  I’m not actually going to discuss them at all right now because I’m taking this week and using it for a week long series on “Real Life Homeschooling” next week, and I’ll share more about these books then.


The children are mad at me.  I pulled them off their regular math to start a review of A+ Interactive Math’s individualized lesson plans.  I’m actually really excited about it though because it creates an individualized plan of lessons to close gaps in your child’s math abilities.

A+ Math

Firecracker hasn’t made any pages in his Pokemon notebook this week, but he’s made several Pokemon cards, using his stuffed animals as the basis for the cards.

pokemon cards

He’s also worked through more of Orphs of the Woodlands.  He never reads much in one sitting, but he really enjoys what he does read.


Rose has worked a little more on Spelling You See.  She’s in week nine of the book, and it’s caught up to her abilities, so she’s slowed way down on lesson completions.

spelling you see

She’s also decided that she wants to make her own notebook like Firecracker’s Pokemon notebook.  She’s chosen cats as her topic.  Owlet has also enjoyed the chance to tag-along and color cat coloring pages as well.


The little kids have continued working through First Start Reading.  It’s really perfect for Monkey’s abilities.  Owlet isn’t quite as ready for it, but she really enjoys playing along.

first start reading

They’ve also really worked heavily with La La Logic.  They really enjoy the online portion, but they also enjoyed spending some time sorting things into groups on a worksheet.  They enjoyed a game we played this week where we had a row of objects and I’d make them leave the room so I could switch the objects around and they had to put them back in order.

la la logic

They also did some shadow matching, and I even got the big kids involved in making a note booking page about their feelings.  That was after the little kids and I had practiced making faces and role-played through our feelings.

More logic

That’s really about it for the week.  I’m going to be expanding upon and sharing more about this week next week in my Real Life Homeschooling posts, so you can see what the flow is for a typical day in our homeschool, so don’t forget to come and visit next week!!


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