This Week

This week was a really special week to me because Firecracker turned ten.  He was a sweet and excited (more excited than the pictures show) boy who received a chocolate Pikachu cake and plenty of video games to play with.  He also got some Pokemon figurines that he just loved.  We may have spent a whole day or two this week playing video games 😉

Firecracker's birthday

He also, of course, worked on his Pokemon notebook this week.  He added four new pages in. This is a project that I never expected to be so all-encompassing and long-term.  It’s really taken on it’s own life.

pokemon notebook

He also continued reading and working with Orphs of the Woodlands this week.  We really like this.  I’m as enchanted as he is, if not more so.  In fact, I’ve had thoughts of making my own student account so I can read the story faster than he is reading it! LOL  Since this one is a review item, I’ll be sharing all about this one mid-April.


Rose didn’t really have any individual project of her own going on this week, so I’m going to move on into what she and Firecracker did together.

We read the book Thick as Thieves.  We highly enjoyed this book, but I’ll be reviewing it on Friday, so I’ll hold off telling you more about it now.  Rose and I especially were taken by it.

We also read The Dragon and the Garden.  This is really a beautiful telling of the story of the Fall.  If you pay attention to the author’s note before the book, you’ll notice that some of the elements of the author’s story are based off of Paradise Lost, and it was my children’s first exposure any elements of this classic tale.  We read The Dragon and the Garden as the literature component for our history this week.  We’ve been studying the Fall in the Garden of Eden, and this really enriched our study.


I also started reading the children a new book called Andi’s Pony Trouble (by the author of Thick as Thieves).  I imagined that the children might like to make a lap book to go with the book.  I imagined wrong, but we make covers for the lap book before I completely abandoned the idea.  They’re never shy about telling me when I get too schoolish on them. 🙂

andi's pony trouble

We worked more with our ARTistic Pursuits book.  We experimented with color mixing with our watercolors, and that was lots of fun.

color mixing

We also learned about the Limbourg brothers and and practiced painting from a sketch.  We’re going to be continuing to learn about more aspects of the Limbourg brothers’ art over the next week or two with a couple of additional projects.

drawing from a sketch

We also finally finished our Deuteronomy 6:5 lessons with a marble painting about loving God with all our heart, soul and strength.  This was sensory fun for all involved as well as painting.  My plan is to introduce a unit on John 8:12 with them soon.

with all my heart

We had our monthly kid’s club and the theme was “Go Green.”  It was a great piggyback onto the art and conservation lessons we learned at our museum field trip last week.

go green

Now, to move on to activities that didn’t include Firecracker.  We acknowledged Saint Patrick’s Day by making shamrock shaped puppies.  Rose found them for us on Pinterest.

Rose also worked on a couple of pages of her spelling book.  She enjoys working on it in spells here and there.

I received a new preschool program from La La Logic to do with the little kids.  I’m actually going to involve the older children in some of the activities, especially the offline activities, but this week we stuck to our first online logic exercises.  The first week’s online brain training was easy for Monkey and right at Owlet’s level.  However, it wasn’t so easy for Monkey that he didn’t find it to be fun.  I’m already enamored with this one 🙂

I also got one picture of the girls dressed in their Cinderella costumes eating popcorn.  So, you can probably guess from the picture that I had a mother-daughter date night with the girls to go to the movies to see Cinderella.  It was so much fun, and I’d love to see it again 🙂


The other thing that the preschoolers worked on this week was their First Start Reading program.  We really only worked on one lesson out of it, and I broke it into two days.  We learned the word “an” and practiced when to put “an” and “a” in front of words.  We also worked on words that rhymed with “an.”

We’re beginning to reach a place with this program where their ability levels don’t match the pace in which they want to go through the book, so I’ve also started adding in some enrichment sheets and activities to go with the activities that they’re doing in their activity books.  This week we focused a little on writing “s” with a little snail “s” worksheet.  I’m going to continue targeting “s” next week with some other practices and then move on to some practice with “N.”

first start reading

That’s about it for the week.  We’ve been busier than I thought, even with all the Super Smash Bros./Pokemon/Super Mario 3D World. 🙂


2 thoughts on “This Week

  1. What a lovely busy week. Happy birthday to FireCracker! I love the variety of resources you all use, and I’m loving the dressing up for the cinema – what I want to know is whether mum dressed up as well……..?!

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