Audio Discrimination in the Dark

This year, when I received my review items for Egglo Eggs, I determined that I was going to do a few activities with the children that would be something more educational than just an egg hunt.  After all, when you have a tool that is flexible, often you can find that you get the most out of the tool by coming up with some new ways to use that tool.

I had stumbled across a couple of blog posts where plastic Easter eggs were being used to help preschoolers with auditory discrimination, and I had the thought to occur to me.  How much fun would that be in the dark?

So, I assembled a few ingredients.  I used black eyed peas, rice and salt.


Then, I took three different colored eggs and sat them in my windowsill.  It was a kind of yucky cloudy day, but I knew that even so, if the eggs sat there for a while they would charge.


I imagined that this would be an activity just for the little kids, so I called them to our small bathroom to explain to them my activity.  I forgot the appeal of the glowing eggs as all four of the  children crowded into the bathroom for their turn to play with the eggs.


I had each child shake the eggs and make their guesses as to what was in the eggs.  They were so much fun trying to guess what was in the eggs.  I finally turned the lights back on and revealed what was inside each egg.

Audio Discrimination in the Dark

At that point, Owlet was so much fun as she touched the items inside the eggs to turn this into a touch-based sensory experience as well.  She was feeling how they were different to figure out why they made the sounds that they did.  Lots of fun and learning too!


5 thoughts on “Audio Discrimination in the Dark

  1. I wanted to thank you for stopping by and sharing with Toddler Idea Tuesday. I am sorry I didn’t stop by sooner, but I wanted to let you know that your post is being featured on this week’s post. I haven’t posted a Toddler Idea Tuesday post in a month (hadn’t realized it had been that long), so I hadn’t gotten around to visiting.
    I hope you have a chance to stop by, there are changing coming and I am looking for guest posts, if you are interested, please contact me.

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