This Week

This week has truly been fun, and we’ve worked on a bunch of different things.  I think it’s best just to plunge right in and tell you what everyone’s been up to.  First, I have Firecracker.  He’s been continuing with his Pokemon notebook.  In fact, this week he created a second notebook just for his Pokemon descriptions.  (In the collage below, I also included a picture of a couple of paper dolls Monkey has made from Pokemon and other coloring pages.)


Firecracker is also continuing to work through Orphs of the Woodlands.  The chapters are long for him, but the book is interesting, so he’s enjoying making his way through.  He hasn’t really gotten to any of the “jobs” or “game” yet, so I can’t start telling you about it yet.


He and Rose have also continued working on their math programs from GPA LEARN.  You can go check out my review yesterday to hear about some of the features that are included.


Rose has also been working some in her Spelling You See book. She’s still at the beginning where it’s very easy for her, and she’s went through 2-3 weeks lessons this week.  I love that I’m already seeing the effects of it in that, for the first time ever, she’s trying to sound out words to write in her CBS workbook.  I’m glad this is building her confidence a little.

spelling you see

I’ve finished out reading on the Trojan Horse and note booking with the big kids.  They also made a printable craft trojan horse this week.

trojan horse

Speaking of reading, I read The Trojan Horse: How the Greeks Won the War and How to Train Your Dragon: How to Betray a Dragon’s Hero to the big kids this week.   We’re so sad that book 12 doesn’t come out until October.  So sad.


While I’m on the topic of reading and writing, Monkey and Owlet have been working in their First Start Reading books this week.  I’m actually going to take them off of this workbook for a few days over the next week for some more specialized practice with writing the letter “S” and the sound that the letter “N” makes.  (Also, they’re having a little difficulty differentiating between “N” and “M” soundwise, so I want to address that before we move too much further along.)

First Start Reading

We had a Cubbies lesson this week on Jesus healing the paralyzed man.  Four friends and a mat are involved in that as you can see from our snack and craft pictures 😉


They’ve also been my main helpers in working on our button heart project this week.  They’ve really enjoyed it, and we’ve sung the Lincoln Bruster song “Love the Lord” as we’ve worked on the heart.  We’re almost ready to move onto a new verse for our Jesus poster.

button heart

They also spent some time playing the alphabet song again this week.  You can read my full review here.

alphabet song

We also worked really hard out of our ARTistic Pursuits book this week.  We learned about gold leafing and made our own painting with gold origami paper.

gold leaf

We learned about the artist Giotto and made our own scratch art with oil pastels.

scratch art

We also prepped our own hardboard panels with spackling paste and made our own watercolor fresco paintings.  We’re really having fun with this book!!


We went to a local art museum for a combination homeschool art/science day.  We learned about landscapes and about conservation.  Here we’re making found object art.

metal horses

Here we’re making an impressionistic landscape collage with construction paper.

landscape collage

And of course, we had to spend some time playing in the children’s section of the museum.

booth children's sectionThey enjoyed the children’s section so much that I took lots of pictures.

children at booth

One of the things that surprised me the most about the time that we spent at the museum was the amount of time that the children wanted to spend in the gallery of Presidents.  Firecracker could name most of the presidents in the painting above and the children enjoyed wandering through the gallery and seeing the photographs, sculptures, paintings and other memorabilia from the presidents.  I finally saw the benefits for them learning the presidents in their history program this year.

Speaking of history, we have finished our modern Amercian history, and since we school year round, we jumped right into Old Testament and ancient Egypt.  We’ve spent the better part of our week with Creation, and I expect I’ll be sharing more about this class soon, so expect our reading, etc. to suddenly have a Bible and Egyptian theme to go with it!!


3 thoughts on “This Week

    1. Between our review work and the museum field trip, our week was very art focused! Rose is constantly telling me that she wants to be an artist when she grows up, and I tell her maybe she should just be an artist right now and worry about the growing up later 😀

  1. Love all the pictures! Looks Like you’ve had a great week. We just finished purchasing the first 10 dragon books – now I find out there’s two more!

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