Divided {A BookLook Bloggers Review}


I know a lot about the head and the heart disagreeing .  I know a lot about the search for a more authentic faith and the feeling of just playing church again.  So, I was excited when I received the opportunity to review Bill Delvaux’s new book, Divided: When the Head and Heart Don?t Agree.

In this book, Delvaux details an important conflict and divide between our hearts and our heads.  So many times, I’ve heard pastors say that many people miss heaven by 18 inches.  They have a head knowledge about Jesus, but they’ve never surrendered to him as Lord of their life.  Instead, they live divided lives where they have one front that is religious and another front of personal beliefs that are actually in our hearts.

Even those of us who have “asked Jesus into our hearts” are not immune.  Often we spend years studying the Bible and learning more about Jesus, but we find that we’ve neglected to develop our actual relationship with Jesus.  As Delvaux says,

I was a lover of the idea of God, not of God Himself.  I loved the idea of loving others, but actually feeling it, walking in it? That was another matter.

As he goes through the book, he traces the origin of the divide in Genesis (Great stuff!  Don’t miss it!), and Christ as the climatic healing of the divide.  He also offers battlefields for the divide, and ways to close the divide and begin living a more authentic Christian life.  He describes all this with a lot of care, personal stories, and pop culture/literature/movie references that we can all relate to.

I think this is a solid entry in the category of living a more authentic Christian life, and if you’re struggling with the feeling and/or realization that you’re not living a life of close fellowship with God, reading this book is great life experience sharing and advice from someone further down the road of stripping away the layers for more authenticity.

Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers Program.  I was not required to write a positive review and my opinions are my own.


2 thoughts on “Divided {A BookLook Bloggers Review}

  1. I have the opposite problem. I always feel very close to God. He guides me in everything. But I really struggle with simply sitting down and reading the unembelished Bible. I read lots of devotional books, bible curriculum, listen to sermons and pod casts BUT I find the act of reading God’s word a struggle. I find it hard to keep my concentration, even though in general I am a huge reader. I can lose myself in prayer and worship, but not it seems reading the bible.
    Not sure what the answer is but I enjoyed reading your review!

    1. I think that God has to move in your heart to make you want to change the way you’re doing things. I had never taken my prayer life as seriously as I do now until I studied the book of Revelation and realized that God keeps our prayers in gold bowls. That was a life changing realization to me. I had read it before but not really absorbed it until then. I had always known that the prayer side of my spiritual life was weaker than the the reading and study side, but I wasn’t motivated to change until then.

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