Adaptations, Cuttlefish Videos and Imaginary Animals

Earlier this week, I reviewed a science product that we’ve been using with great success in our home.  Well, actually I don’t know what will stick with the children long term, but we’ve had great enjoyment in watching the videos and completing some of the activities.

One of the activities that most interested Firecracker was one that went with the life science unit on adaptations.  Adaptations are, of course, the ways in which animals are perfectly created for the environments that they live in.  (The science curriculum, being a secular curriculum, does not get just how miraculous the idea of perfect adaptation is.)


So, anyway, the assignment that Firecracker picked out of the teacher’s guide to go with this video turned out to be a very interesting one.  We started out getting to pick out an animal from the list of about ten or so that the curriculum suggested to research and learn more about their adaptations.

Firecracker and Rose compromised on cuttlefish.  And this turned out to be totally fascinating.

We took to You Tube to research cuttlefish.  These are the videos we watched:

Who knew that these little animals were so fascinating, and so good at camouflage?  I certainly didn’t!!

Once we finished watching these videos, our next assignment was to create our own imaginary animals and to draw pictures of them and write about their adaptations to their environment.


Even Monkey was drawn in to the opportunity to create his own imaginary animal.  They all worked long and hard, with Firecracker working the hardest of them all.  Monkey ended up creating a dragon, which made perfect sense due to our current fixation with all things How to Train Your Dragon.


Rose showed another variation on a cat that she could draw.  This little girl really has a big love of cats.


However, Firecracker created a masterpiece of his own imagination, and he even completed the part of the assignment to write about his creations in a round-about way.  He mimicked the format of the descriptions of the dragons in the How to Train Your Dragon book series, especially for the book A Hero’s Guide to Deadly Dragons.  I just loved the way that his “Uniant” and “Leaf bat” turned out.  I also love how he took this assignment and adapted it to his current interest in How to Train Your Dragon.

This is a great activity to go with the theme adaptation, but Firecracker also turned it into a perfect activity to go with How To Train Your Dragon.

imaginary animals



2 thoughts on “Adaptations, Cuttlefish Videos and Imaginary Animals

  1. well done. My son’s version of this was to NOT draw it but to describe it in great descriptive detail and then tell me where it would live and how it would interact with various things in minecraft. 🙂

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