This Week

This week was a full and steady week of work!  I needed that because last week was a week of low motivation around our house.  Rose got her new Doodle Crate in, and their topic was sculpture this month.  She loved it and used all the materials in her crate to make a rainbow robot this week.


She and I also began a collaborative project this week.  We’re making a button heart canvas.  I’ve left it on the table and every time one of us passes by we add just a few more buttons.  I wanted to make one as a reminder to love God with all our heart, and so far we’re making slow but steady progress.

heart buttons

While I’m on the topic of art, we have a new review item in from ARTistic Pursuits.  We completed our first lesson in it this week, and the little kids were napping, so Firecracker and Rose both made their own watercolor versions of our house.  I found it interesting to see their very different takes on the project.  I am also loving the artist stories in this book, and I’ll be sharing more about it soon 🙂

artistic pursuits

Firecracker had a major milestone this week.  He was baptized into our church.  I’m really excited about it because he requested baptism because he wanted to follow God, and in our church, that is the next step for a believer after salvation.  I am excited to see that he wants to do the things that would please God.


He’s also been continuing working in his Pokemon notebook.  He has now completely filled up a 1/2″ binder, and is motivated to start a “Pokemon volume 2” in order to learn about even more Pokemon.


We’ve done more math on the computer this week.  I love that Rose doesn’t cry when I ask her to do this math.  It’s the small things, right?  I’ve always avoided online learning because you spend so much money on something that’s not reusable from child to child, and because I ha concerns over the amount of screen time involved, but one of my biggest lessons I’ve learned from my time on the Crew is how high quality and wonderful some of those online resources are.  I’ve also learned how they take a burden off of me that I had really been feeling strongly as almost burnout.  I’m going to stop right here and make a note to write a post about avoiding burnout as a homeschool mom.


I decided it was time for Rose to start spelling this week.   She has not been really reading well enough for me to think that spelling was of any real benefit to her, but she’s started to read smaller words in a fluent way over the past six months, and I decided it was a great time to start teaching her with Spelling You See.  We started with level B, Jack and Jill, and I honestly expect her to fly through the first half of the book, and then slow down a bit from there.  My plan is to start Monkey and Owlet on level A this fall/winter if Rose finds level B to be beneficial.  So far, she seems to really enjoy the workbook.

spelling u see

The preschoolers got their own special review product in this week.  They’re reviewing Memoria Press’s First Start Reading.  This is a program that’s geared toward Monkey’s age level, but I bought Owlet the student books too, and I’m so glad I did.  She’s so excited about the program. 🙂

First Start Reading

While I’m on the preschoolers, Monkey’s also been making more of the jointed paper dolls that he made a Spiderman of a few months ago.  They come from M Gulin’s website, and are easily found in the freebie section.

paper dolls

Monkey has also been making Minion toilet paper roll dolls from Despicable Me.  Because we saw them on Pinterest as egg holders, he’s been also giving the paper dolls “egg helmets” with our Egglo Eggs.  That has inspired everyone to make their own.


We also worked through some of our history program this week.  We covered the race to space and the Apollo 11 moon landing.  As part of that I read the children the book Moonwalk: The First Trip to the Moon (Step-Into-Reading, Step 5).  We’re currently working through the America Today lessons in our curriculum, and we will be finishing it in two lessons.  (Old Testament and Ancient Egypt await.)

I also read How to Seize a Dragon’s Jewel.  At one point in this book, I was so overcome with emotion that I might have cried just a little.  The children enjoy the adventure in these books, but as an adult, I really get the changing of worlds, the danger, and the ideas that the author is trying to convey.


Going along with books, we’re still slowly but surely notebooking our way through learning about the Trojan horse.  It’s a project that we haven’t had a lot of time for, but we’re getting there.


It’s hard to see from my pictures, but I’ve repurposed our back door into a “stress meter” with some dry erase markers.   Some of my children are a little overdramatic, and they tend to overreact to things.  So this week, we made a scale of 1-10, and started trying to see if we could practice a little more reasonable reactions to stress.

Stress meter

There was also plenty of lego building this week and playing.    There should always be that.  Right?

Firecracker received a new review product from a company called Star Toaster.  It’s essentially a book to read that is attached to a game to play, and he’s making slow progress, but he seems to be enjoying it.  There are also a great many learning lessons to it, making it a unit study of it’s very own.

We also attempted to make a cork rocket with a bottle and a baking soda/vinegar reaction.  It didn’t work as well as I had hoped, but we still had fun with it.  It was part of our Apollo 11 studies.


That was about it for this week.  See what I mean?  We had a lot of different stuff going on at home this week!!


5 thoughts on “This Week

    1. Thank you! The button picture is becoming a family project as Owlet and Monkey both helped me with it yesterday while Rose was working on a different painting.

  1. It’s alright to have a week of non-motivation. My son is doing well with Spelling You See (we also use Sequential Spelling with it) so I’m glad to see your young one enjoying it. I’m visiting from Weekly Wrap Up!

  2. Love all the art work – that’s something I try to make time for too. Great job to your son on his Pokemon notebook. I have a Pokemon fan here too and she’s been working on drawings this week as well. Love the idea of creating a notebook.

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