Functional Deism

I always say I’m going to share some of my favorite quotes with you guys, and then I never actually follow through and share.  So, I decided to take some time to just share this quote from Tony Kriz’s Aloof: Figuring Out Life with a God Who Hides:

On a practical level, every time we place our trust in our own efforts to care for our families, we are functional deists.  Any time our hope is in our skills, shrewd contacts, or bank accounts to provide, instead of believing in the feeder of sparrows and the clothier of lilies (Matthew 6), we are functional deists.  When we shape our faith primarily based on a collection of right ideas and approved behaviors as opposed to an abiding presence (John 15), we are functional deists.

Far too often, in my life, I have been a functional deist.

Far too often, I have tried to solve my own problems without ever asking what God was for me to do.

Far too often, I have only turned to God as a last resort when all my other plans and scheming have failed.

That is not the life of relationship with God.  That is not the victorious Christian life.


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