Stitchy Update: Our Daily Bread


I haven’t done a bunch of stitching lately, but I did frame this piece that I stitched last fall.  I received the pattern from a Just Cross-Stitch newsletter a while back and printed it off.  There was a time in the fall when I decided to stitch it because it’s a reminder and a prayer for me.

When I was bookkeeping for a company that would eventually go out of business, I would often pray and beg the Lord just to give us what we needed to get through that week’s payroll and bills.  If I could just have what I needed then, then I wouldn’t worry about the future.  It was two or three of the most stressful years of my entire life that I lived that way.

However, God proved Himself faithful and true.  He provided for “our daily bread” for a very long time.  Then, once I no longer had a job, I realized that the stressfulness of the years before had taught me to trust that when he provides, it’s okay.  And when he doesn’t provide it’s still okay.  He gives me what I need for the day–even when it’s not what I want or expect.

This was preparation for our new life homeschooling and me staying at home.  I still occasionally feel the pull of the stress of money troubles, but after the experiences of those years bookkeeping, I am prepared for God to provide, and I realize that those things that he doesn’t provide are because he’s going to provide something different and just as wonderful for us.

So, I’m going to put this framed piece in my kitchen because when I stopped working I was convinced we were going to starve.  As I write this, I have more food than I can put in my pantry because of the generosity of God.  (Sometimes, when you put God to the test, he really shows off what he can do.)  It’s my reminder that all I need is what he gives me.


5 thoughts on “Stitchy Update: Our Daily Bread

  1. I Have brought that verse to remembrance so many times. So valuable. A prayer that God gives us our daily bread, and is our daily bread. Beautiful job on cross stitch.

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