The Good Shepherd is With Us In Scary Times

This week in Cubbies we did the lesson for Bear Hug #13.  It’s called The Good Shepherd is with us in scary times.  Our focus verse for this week was Psalm 23:4.  (If you’re keeping up with my blog, I find it incredibly enriching that the In Freedom’s Cause that I reviewed earlier this week really helped me and my older children discover more about this verse in application.)

Psalm 23:4 says:

I will fear no evil; for Thou art with me; Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me.

Our lesson talks about sheep and shepherds, and how the shepherd would use his staff to guide his sheep away from falls or other trouble.  Hw would also use his rod to protect the sheep from predators like wolves.  My class is mostly boys, so they really enjoyed the references to wolves and fighting off wolves.

Because we focused on the rod and the staff, I made sure that my activities for the lesson focused on these things too.  For our craft, we beaded pipe cleaners with pony beads and twisted them into a staff shape.


Here are Monkey and Owlet’s finished products.  (Sorry that some of these pictures are blurry.  I used my phone instead of my camera.)


For our snack, we had shepherd rods.  Owlet and Monkey were lots of help in the kitchen.  We used pretzel rods, and I melted some white chocolate candy coating into a coffee cup.  Monkey dipped the rods in.  Then, Owlet shook multicolored sprinkles over the rods.


I think they turned out pretty nice.  Even better, the little kids were so proud of themselves for all their baking skills 🙂

The Good Shepherd is With Us in Scary Times


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