This Week

This week started out with some Valentine’s Day fun at our Kid’s Club.  We used Sprite and conversation hearts to make dancing hearts.

dancing hearts

We exchanged Valentine’s, and we had fun making a “Cool Hands, Warm Heart” drawing/coloring project.  Even I made one!

warm heart cold hands

We’re still kind of shy there and getting to know people.  Rose has several friends that come though, so she’s happy to get to go there and have fun.  When we got home from club, she took all her Valentine’s that she got there and the ones that she got a Community Bible Study last week and made a little Valentine’s Day scrapbook.  She was very happy to use some washi tape and some stamps.

A photo of Owlet holding a really cute homemade valentine also made it into this collage, mostly because she’s constantly “posing” for me to make pictures of her.


It’s hard to know where to begin with the rest of this week’s activities, so I guess I’ll begin with the books.  We read Twenty and Ten which provided a small picture into how people hid the Jews from the Nazis during WWII.  We also read How to Break a Dragon’s Heart. This series is just getting too good guys.  If the other kids would let us, I’m pretty sure that Rose and I could just drop everything else and just read until we finished the whole series.


Firecracker worked on his Pokemon notebook this week.  He finally finished the Eevee evolutions, and he worked on the Chikorita ones as well.


We also worked on our history curriculum.  We started studying the Race to the Moon, and the Apollo Moon landing.


We’ve also taken a diversionary path to spend just  a little bit of time studying the Trojan War.  It’s something Firecracker’s been wanting to do because of the part the Trojan War and the Trojan horse plays in the movie Peabody and Sherman.

trojan horse

We’ve continued with our math and science curriculums that we’re reviewing.  I don’t have any pictures from science this week as all we’ve done really is watch videos.  However, I did take a couple of pictures of Firecracker and Rose on separate laptops working on math.  I think it’s funny.  Firecracker’s run into some really difficult for him work in math, and one day this week the lesson, which usually takes him 20 minutes took him (and me working with him) an hour and twenty minutes.  I told him how proud I was of him for all his hard work.


I know that over the past few weeks some of you have probably been wondering where my preschoolers have been at in my weekly wrap-ups because other than whole family learning  activities and the alphabet song game, they just haven’t been in my wrap-ups since Christmas.  It’s because they took a couple of months “vacation from school” to play with all the new toys they got for Christmas, so I haven’t had anything really new to report for them in a while.  In fact, every time I had tried to get them to do activities with me, I heard a “can I just play legos now?” or a “I’m coloring.”  Because my philosophy of preschool is really based on the importance of play, I just allowed them to get all the play they wanted out of their new toys.

By the end of this week they were officially over their just playing with their toys and ready to be included in our homeschool again. We worked on mixing colors together.

color mixing

We reviewed the letter “E” on Starfall, and we worked on dotting “E’s.  Owlet still just dots everything on her page because that’s more fun than following the instructions.  Monkey is getting surprisingly good at finding the right letter.

e dotting

As part of our activities we’re doing with our Egglo eggs this year, we’re making a poster for the scripture scroll verses, and I got them to very enthusiastically help me to decorate it.  I’ll be sharing some of our lessons with Egglo over the next few weeks because it’s going to actually be a whole family learning activity.

Jesus Poster

And of course, they continued to work on the Alphabet Song game.  They’re actually getting something new to review in the mail in a week or two, and they’re excited because I’ve told them that they’re getting workbooks to go with it! (As a matter of fact, I went and ordered Owlet her own set of student books so they could do it together just yesterday.)

We’ve also spent some time out playing in some flurries that we got this week.  We played until Owlet got too cold and uncomfortable (even in her big jacket and hat) to play any more.


That about does it for our week this week.  We had planned on going to a President’s Day homeschool day on Monday, but it was so cold and rainy that we just stayed home and had a relaxed regular day.  All the schools are on winter break this week, so we didn’t have any of our regular activities, and it’s been a nice break.  Next week promises to be busier though as we have two field trips scheduled and our regular activities starting back up again.


3 thoughts on “This Week

  1. I love your week. What wonderful all around learning. We didn’t read that particular world war II book when we were studying it. Thanks for the title.
    Blessings, Dawn

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