This Week

This week has been a pretty unusual week for us because it’s had a birthday in it!!  Monkey is now 5!  He was so sweet and excited about it too.  I’m just glad that we were able to have a really special evening with  the grandparents for him to celebrate.

In our regular family tradition, we also allowed him to be “King of the Day” at our house, and he chose a movie watching marathon.  We ended up watching How to Train Your Dragon 2 and many episodes of Batman: The Brave and the Bold on Netflix.

Monkey's Birthday

The girls also had their own special evening.  Their Daddy brought them home flowers and took them to the Father-Daughter Date Night event that our local Chick-fil-a had.  They had a lovely time and even brought him crowns and balloon flowers.

Date night

Rose also spent some time working with her Doodle Crate that she received last month this week.  It was on stamp carving and it came with some blocks of soft rubber, a sheet of clip art, stamp pads, a carving tool and a set of notecards to make greeting cards.  This was an activity that was completely new to both me and to Rose, but one that she really loved.  In fact, she asked me to buy her some more stamp rubber so that she could try and make some bigger stamps.

stamp carving

Firecracker worked a little on his Pokemon notebook this week.  He wanted to work more, but I don’t let him web browse alone, and I haven’t had the time to sit with him, so he only researched two Pokemon this week.


The children continued to play with their math program this week.  Rose covered some numeration concepts and addition.  Firecracker worked on some numeration concepts, 2-D shapes and angles.  I was actually kind of impressed that Firecracker’s covering stuff right now that we’ve never done before and he seems to be really enjoying it.


We worked some on science as well.  We’ve really been focusing on plants and trees.  We’ve covered structures, ring patterns, and photosynthesis with videos and worksheets.


We also dissected a rose, which is something I think is too cool!!  I love the beauty of the inside of that Rose!!

rose dissection

We also worked through some ideas on animal adaptations, researched cuttlefish and made up our own imaginary animals.  I’ll be sharing more in a separate post in a couple of weeks.

imaginary animals

The little kids and Rose have all been playing the Alphabet Song Game.  I’m glad I convinced Rose to give it some play to because I’ve gotten to see some levels that will help me as I review the game.  It also helped her work some on the way she writes some of her letters backwards so it was a win-win.

alphabet song

I also got out my package of Egglo Easter eggs that I got in to review this week to set up a special activity for the little kids that the bigger ones were tempted into participating in too.  We read the story together and colored some of the pictures from the curriculum download we received.  I also charged a few of the eggs and filled them with some items out of the pantry for us to play an audio discrimination game in the dark!  It was a very fun and exciting activity for the kids!!


I also finished a scarf this week, and Owlet “posed” for several pictures for me.  She loves having her picture made!!


I guess that about does it for this week.  We had lots of fun!!


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