Construction Paper Sculptures

One of the things that we’ve studied in the past couple of weeks with our art curriculum is that artists see in the 3-dimensional form.  They also spend some time trying to bring the 3-d form into a 2-d picture, unless, of course, they create a sculpture.

I really think it’s brilliant to talk to the children about shape verses form.  After all, a shape only has 2-dimensions, height and width.  A form has 3 dimensions–height, width and depth.  We haven’t discussed this yet as geometry, so seeing it in art is a great preparation for one day understanding and being able to calculate the difference in geometry.

So, as part of the difference between shape and form, we can begin to take basic shapes and use them to create form.  For example, we can draw a circle on the paper and color it like a basketball, but we can’t go and play basketball with that piece of paper.  It isn’t really a round form.  However, we can take a sphere and bounce it around, throw it through a goal and play with each other.

We’ve made a bunch of 2-dimensional animal pictures at this point, so it was an easy enough suggestion to the children that we make a 3-dimensional animal sculpture to demonstrate form.


We had to take a piece of construction paper and fold it.  Then, we cut out a shape for legs, a neck, etc.  Then we unfolded it and followed the instructions in our book to create a back for our creations.


This folding was a little difficult to get the hang of, and we all got a little frustrated.  It’s not the curriculum’s fault.  The author does a great job of explaining (and illustrating the steps), but we’ve never done anything like it before.  This was the first art project we’ve made out of this book that Owlet and Monkey couldn’t really participate in.  So, I made some for them to decorate.


Firecracker made a nice yellow dog.  I love the little ears and tail that he added to the dog.


Rose made a sheep. She decided to pull the hot glue gun out and added google eyes and cotton balls to make her sheep look even more sheeplike 🙂

Construction Paper Sculptures

This art project was a big success for us, and Rose even spent part of the next day making a cat and a dog to go along with her sheep.  I loved the way we are able to get a great look and it was still a very frugal and all around the house type of project!


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