Stichy Update

I’m continuing to spend time cross-stitching a crocheting.  I’m proud of myself for continuing to work at teaching myself crochet.  I went to Hobby Lobby this week and bought four new colors of yarn.  I’m going to use them to make at least four more of the simple scarves I’ve been making before I start to learn something new.


In other crochet related news, I did finally finish my simple scarf.  I made it about half as wide as the pattern, so it’s very skinny.


I also finished up an ornament that I had cross-stiched a couple of months ago.  The pattern was “Star So Bright” from Jamie Kile of Knotted Tree Needleart, and the pattern was in the July/August 2013 “Just Cross-Stitch” magazine.  I finished it into a very simple pillow ornament with a green felt backing and some sparkly red ribbon.


I also made a quick-to-stitch sparkly ornament.  I imagine it’s going to be the front of a card eventually.  This pattern is from Jane Henderson and appears in the bonus booklet of Issue 196 of The World of Cross Stitching.  The thread I used to stitch with are actually the sparkly Madeira threads that came with the magazine.  This is the third of the little patterns I’ve worked on from this booklet, so I’m really enjoying picking these up when I want a quick project.


I also added to my material and thread stash this week.  It’s just a 28 count black fabric, and some really pretty blending filament to go along with it.  My next cross-stitch project is going to sparkle!!


By the end of the week, I also started working on a new scarf from the yarn I bought at Hobby Lobby.  I’m hoping to have another finished project to show you guys soon 🙂



One thought on “Stichy Update

  1. You are so clever! I do wish I had your skill, but I’m afraid I just don’t have the patience or eye for detail that is required. I very much enjoy seeing what you are up to, though!

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