This Week

This week felt like school.  Due to what we were already doing at home, and the current reviews that we are enjoying, we have several “subjects” going in our house right now.  The kids didn’t seem to think it felt bad or like “school” though, so that’s really all that counts in my book!

This week we studied World War II in our history program.  Honestly though, the treatment of the war is so brief that I feel like we didn’t really study it.  After all, it’s a massively huge topic, and it just got one week in the course.  I remind myself sometimes as we go through this that it’s a survey and not an in-depth class.


We have a new math program from GPA-Learn that we’re working through.  Rose really loves it, and is doing 2 lessons per day right now.  She’s working on numeration tens, ones, hundreds the base ten frame, etc.  Firecracker seems to enjoy it too, but he’d prefer to stick to one lesson a day at this point.  He’s working on equal groups and multiplication on the number line this week.

gpa learn

We also continued working through the Primary levels of life science in our Visual Learning Systems curriculum for science.  We’ve almost completely worked through all the life science for K-2, and I figured we’d work through it quickly since most of it is review.  I expect us to start the more on their level elementary 3rd-5th grade level this week.  (Monkey has watched a few of these videos with us though, so that’s a plus.)

visual learning systems

Firecracker has been continuing to work through his Pokemon notebook.  This week he started working through Evee’s evolutionary forms, but there are quite a few, and we haven’t made the time for him to finish them yet.


We did read several books this week.  We read Mercedes and the Chocolate Pilot, which is a beautiful true story that I’ve never heard of from the Berlin Airlift.  We read A Plague of Unicorns, and I’ve reviewed this one here.  We listened to In Freedom’s Cause, and it is a beautiful audio dramatization of G.A. Henry’s book about William Wallace.  I’m going to be bringing you a full review on February 24th, and I’m looking forward to sharing more with you guys then.  We also read How to Train Your Dragon: How to Ride a Dragon’s Storm.  In this one, Hiccup and his friends get kidnapped again, but no one knows it.  It’s really a fun action piece, and spill plenty of details about it in an upcoming read-aloud wrap up (probably around the end of the month).


We also worked some art into our week.  We studied on how artists see lines in our art curriculum.  All of us, except Owlet who chose not to participate, made our own line drawings.  This really frustrated Rose because we used figurines to draw from and she didn’t feel like she ever got her Minnie Mouse perfect.

line drawings

We also started a lesson on how artists use color.  We did a color exercise that the little kids loved, where we picked the colors for our drawing based on the subject’s mood.  Rose is still working on hers, so I’m sure she’ll produce a finished canvas soon!

mood drawings

Rose has also been making star patterns with her perler beads.  She made more of the sculptures that we worked on last week.  She also worked on a TruthChaser lesson and her Revelation book this week.  Both required her to spend some time drawing.


Rose has also spent some more time in the kitchen this week making pink foods.  She made us some pink cookies (with chocolates on top!), and some breakfast parfaits.

Rose in the kitchen

I’ve also had little kids in the kitchen this week making chocolate dipped pretzels with sprinkles.  They were very proud of themselves and bragging on how they loved the recipe.


They also made shepherd staffs out of pipe cleaners and and pony beads because we were working on a lesson about how the shepherd takes care of and protects his sheep.

shepherd staff

Owlet has a new Sophia workbook with numbers and number words to trace and learn about, so she’s been playing with that workbook.  She also got some big mouths/teeth at Wendy’s and she’s been playing with those and posing for me to make lots of pictures.


The little kids have continued to play with the Alphabet Song game, and they’ve enjoyed it.  Firecracker has spent a lot of time on the dry erase board, having Pokemon battles with Hubby and with Monkey.  It’s been great for Firecracker’s math skills. 🙂  We received a fresh batch of Egglo Eggs for review this week.  You might remember we had the chance to play with these eggs last year, and you can read last year’s review here.  I also finally bought a frame and framed a piece that I stitched toward the end of last year, and I’m really happy with the way it turned out.  Since it’s about our daily bread, I’m pretty sure I’m going to hang it in our kitchen.



I guess that’s about it for this week.  As you can tell, it was a very productive book-learning kind of week! LOL


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