Fuchsia Floats

This month I bought Rose an American Girl magazine.  Her grandmother had bought her an American Girl for Christmas, and suddenly Rose is a blossom with an interest in all things American Girl.  So, when I was at Hobby Lobby buying some materials for crochet, I decided to pick Rose up the newest American Girl Magazine.

Rose, of course, zoned in on all the pink recipes in the magazine for Valentine’s Day and has set a goal of making them all before the end of February.  So, we picked out the first one to try this week.  It’s a lovely pink ice cream float, and we were so pleased with it that we couldn’t resist sharing the steps to making one with you.

To make these floats you’ll need:

  • a bag of frozen strawberries
  • a bottle of pink juice.  We used Hawaiian punch Strawberry Citrus punch
  • vanilla ice cream
  • sprite

To begin, we dropped 3-4 frozen strawberries into each cup.  As you can see, we’re using our lovely clear Guinness glasses that that we received for Christmas.  They’re perfect for making floats in!


After the strawberries, we added a half a cup of Hawaiian Punch Strawberry Citrus to each glass.


Then, we got out the ice cream scoop and added one scoop of vanilla ice cream to each glass.


Finally, we added 1/2  a cup of Sprite to each glass and watched them bubble up.


It ended up being a pretty and delicious dessert!

Fuchsia Floats

Don’t you want to make your own now??


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