The Good Shepherd Knows and Leads His Sheep

In Cubbies, we’ve been focusing on a unit on how Jesus is our Good Shepherd.  I, as an adult, really enjoy hearing how Jesus watches over us and protects, us but I will admit that the kids don’t seem quite as stirred by it as I am!

This is a post about Bear Hug 11 in the Honeycomb book.  Our memory verse is John 10:27 which reads:

My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.

We talked about sheep, about what they did and what a shepherd does.  We talked about how we become Jesus’s sheep when we trust Him as our Savior.  We talked about ways we could listen to Jesus and follow Him.

We focused our activity as a simple activity.  The Cubbies resource CD has a coloring page that says “Jesus knows my name.”  I simply had them color it and write their names on the sheet.  However, if I had been more prepared, I would have written their names on the sheet in white crayon and gotten them to paint the space at the bottom with watercolors to reveal their names.  They would have enjoyed that.  (They actually enjoyed the coloring sheets more than I thought they would.)


We also did a sheep snack.  It was very simple.  The children had graham crackers to use as a base for their creations.  I gave them green frosting (simple white frosting mixed with green food coloring) to spread on with their knives as a grass.  Then, the children had mini-marshmallows to be the sheep in their creations.  It was a fun and delicious time.


That was it for our lesson time this week.  I am finding that our AWANA time this year is so cramped that it’s hard to get much of what I want to do each week accomplished.  We run from 7 pm to about 8 or 8:15, and when parents begin showing up at 8 or 5 after 8, there’s just not enough time to really get a full AWANA night in.  It’s okay, but I have a huge list of ideas I would like to do and never enough time complete them!


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