This Week

This week we attended our first monthly local kids’ club meeting.  It’s a local homeschool co-op that a lady in our homeschool group has designed and organized where we’ll be learning a low-pressure science lesson and doing a craft together each month.  It’s the perfect low-commitment outing that I can do with the kids each month.  They emerge fun and happy, Rose gets some socializing time in, and I feel like a successful mother.  It’s a win-win!

This month’s theme was snow.  The children learned how snow was formed and made a human model of snowflakes from their human water molecules.  That was pretty cool to watch.  Then, we went back to our own tables and grew our own snow with a polymer material and water.  That was enough to make Owlet happy the whole rest of the afternoon.  She spent the biggest part of the co-op after that playing with her “snow,” and transferring it back and forth between cups with a spoon.


Then, we made sock snowmen.  That was fun, and Rose was so enchanted by the whole snowman creation process that she spent the next couple of days making more and more snowmen until she had a whole family of snowmen.


Speaking of Rose, she’s been a very busy girl.  We made some pink ice cream floats together.  (Full post coming on Monday.)


She also pulled out the spirograph she got for Christmas and spent a great deal of time creating with those pieces.  She planted an amaryllis bulb that I had won at a ladies’ fellowship thing.  She had her rainbow loom out and made some bracelets.  She even did a little addition practice with the Valentine Dice worksheets from Supermommy to the Rescue.


Firecracker has spent most of his “spare” time working on his Pokemon Alpha Sapphire game.  He did spend some time making new pages for his Pokemon notebook.  This week he worked on two different bug Pokemon and their evolution.


Monkey spent some time making masks out of cardstock.  He’s spent the vast majority of the rest of his time this week playing with Legos.  Even his two favorite video games right now are lego games.


I also remembered to take pictures at Cubbies this week.  We talked about Jesus being our shepherd and that he knows our name.  The kids also made a grassy sheep pasture with mini-marshmallow sheep.


We haven’t done any preschool this week other than play the alphabet song game.  Owlet’s asked for preschool on the computer (Easy Peasy), but we just haven’t made time for it.


Our review year is really starting to hit full swing, and at some point, the review products crowd out our interest-led style for several months at a time.  I’ve been meaning to write a blog post about how these review products compliment our relaxed homeschool, but I just haven’t.   This week we started a new science product from Visual Learning Systems.  It pairs educational videos with worksheets and other activities, and we’ve already done three segments!!  The kids have attacked it with enthusiasm, and Firecracker’s already went on about how much he likes it.  It definitely seems to be a hit at our house!

visual learning

We also read some books this week.  We read Dust for Dinner which is a simple story of a farm family losing their farm during the dust bowl.  We also read our sixth How To Train Your Dragon book. A Hero’s Guide to Deadly Dragons tells the story of why Hiccup spends his twelfth birthday braving the Hairy Scary Librarian’s fortress of a library to steal a book.


We continued in our history program.  We’re studying the Great Depression, so we added Black Tuesday to our timeline notebooks.  We also added the Berlin Airlift to our timelines, because we just started reading a book on the Berlin Airlift.  I have to confess that this is one of those times where I think homeschooling was really cool because I didn’t even know what the Berlin Airlift was until we started reading about it.


We also created some construction paper sculptures this week.  Rose was the only child who truly enjoyed this, and she’s been working out a way to make a couple more.  🙂

construction paper sculptures

I worked a little on my own stitching projects this week.  I finished up an ornament that I had stitched a couple of months ago called “Star so Bright.”  I stitched another really sparkly bulb ornament for a card.  (After all, it Christmas is going to be nice this year, the time to start getting ready for it is now.)  I also finished the first really skinny scarf that I worked on last week.  I started making another scarf in red because I found the color of yarn so cheerful at the store.



I guess that about does it for us for this week.  I honestly would have said that it didn’t feel like a productive week, but the evidence proves me wrong.  We had a pretty good week 🙂


One thought on “This Week

  1. Rebecca, what a wonderfully happy and productive week! I love seeing all your family’s learning and am very impressed with the snowman family! Very cool!

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