Exploding Volcanoes

As I wrote about in yesterday’s post, we have just finished reading How to Train Your Dragon: How to Twist a Dragon’s Tale.  In this book, the Vikings are having one of the hottest summers the barbaric archipelago has ever seen.  There also some very nasty dragons called exterminator dragons that were traveling all the way to Berk to attack.

Hiccup decides that he can stop the volcano from erupting if he can only make it to the volcano with the fire stone in time.  While my children rejected out-of-hand the idea that the fire stone might be real, they were left wondering why a volcano really does erupt and if anything can be done to stop it.

As usual, our first stop for information was You Tube 🙂  Here are a few of the videos we watched about volcanoes:

By the time we’d watched a few videos, we were ready to attempt to make our own volcano.  As providence would have it,  Firecracker received a volcano making kit for Christmas, so we were ready to go!  (While I couldn’t find the exact kit we have on Amazon, this 4M Volcano Making Kit is fairly close.)

We began by getting out the molds and assembling them.

Putting together the molds

Then, we mixed together the quick-dry plaster included in the kit with water and quickly poured it all into the mold.

pouring plaster

Our quick dry plaster was supposed to take only 30 minutes to dry, but the directions mentioned letting the plaster cure for 24 hours before we painted it, so we did.  We couldn’t resist unmolding it after an hour or two and feeling the warm plaster where the plaster was curing.


So, the next afternoon, Firecracker painted our volcano a nice beautiful black.  I love the texture the mold created for the volcano.  It really looks like rock 🙂


Finally, we were ready to explode our volcano.  We put a couple of teaspoons of baking soda into the middle of the volcano.  Then, we poured in a couple of tablespoons of vinegar.  We sat back and watched the reaction go!!  The little kids especially, had never seen this experiment before, and Monkey and Owlet found it very exciting.

Exploding Volcanoes

That’s about all.  Rose make a video of our eruption, and Monkey had me erupt the volcano 3-4 times before we we able to mark this science experiment down as a success!


5 thoughts on “Exploding Volcanoes

    1. I had worried that the older kids would find it boring (even though it was their suggestion) because we had just done one 2 years ago when we studied Japan, but they were really into it!

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