Stitchy Update

This is a week with a finished stitch in it.  I don’t think I have to tell anyone how excited that makes me.  So, I thought it was time for a stitching update, so you guys could see what I’ve been working on lately.

I started working on “Heart Swirls” by Sharon Pope the week after Christmas, and I have been stitching it on 28-count Cashmere French linen.  It uses only one color of thread (Weeks Dye Works Turkish Red), but I used about three skeins of it completing this piece.


This piece can be found in the January 2013 edition of Just Cross-Stitch, where they have it finished into a red pillow.  I haven’t decided whether to take their suggestion of pillow finish or whether to frame it matted in red.  I really do like the idea of a bold red mat though.

I also totally began teaching myself a new craft this week.  I began to crochet.  I found this really simple little crochet scarf pattern on Make and Takes.  Of course, I’ve never crocheted before, so I had to watch lots of beginner videos.

The first one I watched was how to make a slipknot.  I was really embarrassed when my husband told me that it was the same type of knot used to start a yo-yo.  I guess I finally know how to knot a yo-yo at the age of 36 🙂

The next thing I had to learn was how to make a chain stitch.  The only other stitch that this scarf takes is a double crochet, and I had to look up how to do that too!

I started out slow, and as you can see if you’re looking closely, I’m using a child’s hook.  As it happens, I had actually bought some crochet stuff because Rose had been wanting to learn, so I thought we would learn together.  She’s given up on it for now as too hard, but when I’m better, I’m going to try to teach her how to do it too.


Before the end of the week, my scarf was growing to be a nice size though.


I realized what was the really neat thing about crochet this week.  The projects grow to completion really quickly.  I’m making this scarf thinner than I had meant to, but it’s my first project, so hopefully once I get this one done, the next scarf I made will be a more respectable width 🙂

That’s about all I’ve been working on for myself recently.  I hope to have another update soon!!


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