Drawing Dragons: The Gronkle and the Night Fury

We’ve started back to reading the How to Train Your Dragon book series that we read the first two books in over the summer. You might remember that I wrote a little bit about the book How to Be a Pirate after we finished reading it.  This week we read How to Train Your Dragon: How to Speak Dragonese and fell completely back in love with our dragons.

In this book, Hiccup and his best friend Fishlegs end up getting kidnapped by Romans, and only through Hiccup’s ingenuity and some help from some tiny nanodragons and a gronkle in a hot air balloon did Hiccup and his friends escape.  (How’s that for a cryptic spoiler??!!)

After reading the book, I was all amped up about hot air balloons, especially as we had just been studying the Wright Brothers on our history program.  I thought it was the perfect time to investigate hot air balloons and flight further.  However, as it turned out, the children didn’t agree with me.  Instead, they wanted to spend some time learning how to draw their own dragons.

Drawing Dragons

Because there are two How to Train Your Dragon movies, there are a ton of drawing tutorials to draw the cartoon dragons.  They don’t all look like the dragon in the books (especially Toothless who the cartoon creators changed significantly), but the kids didn’t care about accuracy to the book because they love both the book and the movie!

Firecracker and I have already learned how to draw a Whispering Death, so Rose decided we should start out with a Gronkle.  After all, it was the Gronkle carrying them away in the hot air balloon who ended up saving Hiccup and his friends.

We found a wonderful drawing tutorial from Tankrium.  He’s drawing with his nephew, and he really does a good job of spelling out how we start with basic shapes and light lines and then, gradually get darker as you add more detail.  His tone is very encouraging, and my children made some great artwork.

This one is Monkey’s drawing.  He understood about basic shapes, but that’s about all he got.


Rose made a beautiful drawing and even decided to fill her drawing in with colored pencils.


This drawing is Firecracker’s.  His lines are sound and good, but he just didn’t have the patience for the details.


I also made a drawing.  Rose encouraged me to color it in, so I did, but I don’t seem to have taken a picture of it once I colored it.


The second dragon that we learned to draw together was the Night Fury.  We used this tutorial from DrawingHowtoDraw.  It was not as easy to follow, but the directions were clear, and we all created drawings.

This one is Owlet’s drawing.  I just loved the look of concentration on her face as she paid attention to the tutorial and tried to draw many of the lines 🙂


Monkey also drew a Toothless.  He did make a big discovery this time.  He realized that he could follow the instructions better if he used pencil instead of marker.  He spent a lot of time drawing and erasing and redrawing his lines.


This one is Rose’s drawing.  She was not happy with the results, and she decided not to finish it with any color.


This one is Firecracker’s drawing.  He also found the tutorial hard to follow, and he ended up very frustrated with his dragon.


This one is my drawing.


We’ve discussed drawing toothless again with a different drawing tutorial in an effort to get better results and have less frustration.  So, I guess that about does it for our dragon drawings for this week.  Despite having a little frustration with Toothless, I feel like using these videos and drawing the dragons ended up being a great project to go along with How to Speak Dragonese, and I’m very pleased with our results and time spent together.


5 thoughts on “Drawing Dragons: The Gronkle and the Night Fury

    1. Thank you! She was very excited by her work. I didn’t realize how time intensive making a really good drawing was until we started watching these tutorials. 🙂

  1. I love this post, what great dragon drawings! Thank you for sharing with Frugal Family – don’t forget to link up another post next Thursday! xx

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