This Week

This week ended up being a great return to normal in our house.  Hubby went back to work.  We went back to working through some of the books and curriculum that we’ve been choosing to work through.  Most of the time, we’ve all been really happy this week.

We created some art with an ARTistic Pursuits lesson.  It was on artists drawing figures, so each of the children drew a figure of some sort and painted with their watercolor crayons or pencils.  The lesson also included some contour drawing, which Firecracker chose to ignore completely, as you can see from his stick figure cartoon drawing.  I started working on a picture of myself cooking, but I didn’t ever go back and finish it.  Our actual prompt was to “paint about an experience,” and so that’s the direction I took.  One of the major things I have loved about having this curriculum is how open ended it is, and how I feel it builds principles, terms and appreciation without ever hampering creativity.  (Owlet elected not to come and paint with us because she was busy with her dolls.)

artistic pursuits

We also continued working through our Veritas Press history.  We’ve gotten to a section on inventors, so we put the Wright Brothers in our timeline notebook.


I also made a list of curriculum that we haven’t finished to present to the kids for when we’re looking for something “schoolish” to do.  In that spirit, we introduced the virtue Perseverant this week from We Choose Virtues.  It’s our last virtue, and the children still remember all the characters and virtues better than I do.  My plan is to keep the cards and pull them out whenever we’re focusing on a specific virtue or character trait as a reminder of the definition for the virtue.

we choose virtues We’ve also read a bunch of books together.  We read Kaya’s Short Story Collection (American Girl), Wilhelm Roentgen and the Discovery of X-Rays, The Long Way to a New Land, What Was the Gold Rush?, and Walter the Baker.  I also read many varied picture books to the preschooler and big kids too.  When I first looked at our week, I wasn’t very impressed by our activities, but then I looked at all that we had read and realized that we’ve actually done a lot 🙂

books Firecracker continued to work on his Pokemon notebook.  He worked on both Abra and Koffing’s evolutionary cycle this week.


We also finally got around to microwaving ivory soap this week.  (Every time I’ve bought soap to try it, the children have found some reason why we need to carve the soap into designs.)  Owlet especially was impressed by this, and has told me everyday how I put soap in the microwave and what happened to it!!

microwaved ivory soap

We also worked a little on sinking and floating again this week because preschoolers don’t seem to be able to get enough density in action.  The big kids actually pushed to join in too!

sink or float The preschoolers also continued some work they’d started a couple of weeks ago with the letter f.  We watched plenty of letter f videos on You Tube.  We used this Confessions of a Homeschooler letter hunt for F.  Owlet is still dotting every single letter on the page until she gets bored.  Monkey worked hard on this one and found lots of “f” and “F”.  He also dotted several “r” as “f.”  I can see how he’d think that they look similar, especially as the only “r” we’ve even talked about is the one in his name.

f dots We also talked about how “F is for fire” and made our own campfire pictures.

f is for fire

We also talked about how “F is for fish” and made paper plate fish.  We just made the fish, and both the older children decided to join in this week because they both love making paper plate fish.  You might recall that I did an early elementary fish mini-study with them last year and we’ve done a One Fish, Two Fish study in the past so I feel like we’ve really done some work with fish on a preschool/early elementary level over the past couple of years.

f is for fish

It felt good to start easing off of the holidays and into a normal schedule.  How about you?  Have you returned to a normal day in your home or are you still recovering from the holidays?


2 thoughts on “This Week

  1. Your week looks fantastic – loads of learning going on there!
    The children’s Grandparents have just left, literally half an hour ago. It is always so wonderful to see them, but I also agree with you – it is great to get back to normality too. I’m looking forward to a week full of work next week!

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