Circle Collages

As I’ve been going through the alphabet with Monkey and Owlet, I’ve also been slowly working through projects with them to reinforce colors and shapes.  It feels like forever at this point that every time we do a little art project, it is a project with a circle shape.  I’ve also been heavily using the color blue for fingerpainting and doing art with them.  So it should be no surprise that one day I would have them do blue circle collages.

To prepare for this activity, I took white construction paper and cut it into a circle shape by tracing a paper plate.  Then, I went through a stash of scrapbooking paper that I had and began to cut blue circles out with a 1-1/2″ circle punch.

I laid the materials out with big chunky glue sticks and told them to make a picture.  Owlet, who is three began gluing with abandon.  She was totally immersed in the sensory experience of gluing and attaching circles to paper.


Her final result was the result I was imagining for all the children.  She finished with an abstract art creation of circles glued in layers onto her circle until she ran out of room or got tired of gluing.  It was totally random and had its own special beauty.

circle collages

I found Monkey, who is only a year older though to be surprisingly methodical.  He wanted to create order out of his piece.


He very obviously (and quickly) began to form his collage into a face.  He gave it hair, eyes, nose and a mouth, using only his favorite patterns that were on the table.  I found it interesting how all the pieces he used were ones that had dark blue in them.


I didn’t get a picture of Rose in creating her collage.  She has just turned eight and often likes to sit in on preschool art time.  I was surprised she sat in on this one though because she hates projects that have a lot of glue.  She was even more methodical about her creation than Monkey was.  She used only one type of blue circle, and she even pulled out a blue crayon to add details that she didn’t feel should be circular.


I found myself thinking it so interesting that when I gave the children a circle and asked them to decorate it, that Rose and Monkey would both immediately start looking for a way to make a face.  It reminded me how we’re all built for connection and hardwired to want it.  They automatically looked to make sense of the empty canvas I had given them with a smiley face 🙂


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