Simplify: My One Word for 2015

I’m almost halfway through my third year of being at home full-time.  I thought by now I would have a good way of getting it all done.  Instead, I’ve discovered that “doing-it-all” is just a goal that leads to depression and burnout.

However, there is still laundry to get done, meals to cook, kids to love on (and educate!) as well as a myriad of other church and family opportunities for service and fellowship each week.  In order to try and bring a little more balance to my life, I’ve decided to adopt a word this year that is a tag-on of the word that I had last year.  After all, how can you spend more time savoring life and the days with your family, if you don’t simplify just a little bit.


This year, my goal is to go to a more simple routine so that I can spend more time on the important things.

Here are some ways I’ve already begun to simplify:

Meal Planning

Meal planning has been a thorn in my side for a while.  I have gotten to where I dreaded cooking because I’ve been surrounded by food, but I just don’t know what to cook.  So, I decided to enlist some help in the form of eMeals.  I’ve never been at this point in my life before, but I felt so much freedom in the realization that I could just print off the meal plan and even have the grocery list printed out for me.  For right now, it’s worth it for me to pay a little for meal planning.

I’d like to lose some weight (and the doctor would like for me too as well), so I’m also making healthy eating–with real vegetables and salads along with less fast food and dessert–a priority in our home, even though I’m not actually dieting at this point.  Once I get the meal planning thing down and cooking “real” food again down, I feel like I’ll be in a better position to actually make changes in my diet.


No more complicated projects and unit studies right now that require bunches of pre-planning. As you’ve seen, we’ve really relaxed our homeschool and followed our children’s interests.  Our other homeschool component has come through our great review products from the TOS Review Crew.  Between the two, that is enough without this Momma spending hours and hours on Pinterest or using hot glue guns, etc.

As a matter of fact, for our current favorite subject–history–I’ve already ordered the next level of history from Veritas Press along with the optional book package.  I found that there was one book (The Golden Goblet) that has a literature study I can purchase through Progeny Press, and I’m going to purchase it and consider planning for history done for the year.  I need (and crave) the simple.

I’m sure I’ll get good (and fun) materials through the Review Crew, and I look forward to having them be the focus of much of the rest of our homeschooling this year.


I loved reviewing Motivated Moms last year with it’s daily cleaning checklist.  It’s no surprise to me that I’ve already bought the 2015 Motivated Moms because I accomplish so much more around the house when I notice daily on my list that I need to sweep the kitchen.   Otherwise, it might fall to once or twice a week around here!!

One of the things I learned to let go of with Motivated Moms was guilt.  It was true that I never got everything done on my list.  However, I didn’t need to because I saw results, even when I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to, and that was enough to keep me plugging along through my daily chore list.

Outside Commitments

I’m thirty-six years old, and I’ve finally learned to say no.  I’ve learned that there are things I want to be able to say yes to, and so I’ve had to say no to other things.  I’m proud of the things we’ve done this year, and I’m proud of the things that I’ve said no to and closed the door on.  I’m learning (finally!) that until my four are grown, this is where my primary responsibility is, and that I can’t do the best things if I fill up my life with too many good things that are not a part of my primary responsibility.


I’m sure you’ve noticed that I wrote much less in December than I had done in any other month of 2014.  If I don’t write at all, I’m not me, but I have found that I don’t have the time for writing that I would always like to have.  What you can expect from this blog in 2015 is for me to bring lots of great reviews, a weekly wrap-up each week, and at least one additional post each week covering an activity or reflecting on some aspect of homeschooling or Christian living.

That about covers how I’m trying to live out my word for 2015, so that I can live out the most important tasks that God has placed in my life for right now.  Do you have a word for 2015?  What is it?  How are you making changes to live by your word?


11 thoughts on “Simplify: My One Word for 2015

  1. Great goals! I love Motivated Moms, too, and really need to follow it more. (I have a giveaway of it at my blog right now if you have anyone you’d like to share it with!) I remember reading The Golden Goblet years ago. We’ll be back around to ancient history next year, so we should read that one again. And, meal planning is a thorn for me as well. Praying for you to reach Simplicity!

    1. You are right, Gena! I am going to share it with my FB and Twitter followers 🙂 We’re going to be wrapping back around to ancient history around March and I’m looking forward to it. Thanks for your prayers!!

  2. Never seen Motivated Moms before, I might have to check that out myself.. and I’ve seriously been thinking about signing up for emeals as well.. Here’s to simplify life in 2015 🙂

    1. Both are great…but you have to use them to see the benefit…and actual follow through has long been one of my problems! LOL

  3. I haven’t tried motivated moms, but I know how freeing saying no can be. I hope your year, simplified, is fabulous.

  4. To simplify is my life goal, and one I’m not sure I’ll ever reach because I have such a cluttered and messy brain! Nevertheless I think it is a grand pursuit and I will enjoy your posts pertaining to simplifying. Maybe I could learn a thing or two?!
    Happy new year to you and your family, Rebecca.

  5. What a great word to focus on for 2015! I too have finally learned at the age of 36 to say NO. It’s so hard to do but necessary. And in blogging I found myself taking on way too much (especially for a new blogger) that In October I took a HUGE step back. Now I think I am in a good rhythm to get things done with being overwhelmed.

    I chose Growth as my word for 2015. I broke it down into a few main points I want to work on and am going to try to choose a few actionable goals on a monthly basis to help me grow.

    Thank you for linking up to the New Year Resolutions & Goals #linkup. I shared your post on StumbleUpon and Pinterest!

  6. I love simplify as a word. I am having trouble picking one word! And I love that you are learning to say no. It is something that I have learned recently as well. Although, I feel like I had spent so much of my life saying yes to so many things, when I finally decided to say no I needed to say no to almost everything so I could really recharge and figure out what was important to me and my family. Last year was definitely a year of renewal for me 🙂 Good luck with your 2015 goals!

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