This Week: Celebrating Christmas

This week marks a milestone for us.  We actually finished an advent book!!  (The furthest I’ve ever made in one before this year was day 14.)  Not only that, but we still built Lego advent projects all the way through Christmas Day.  Here are some of our creations from the last week of Advent.

lego advent Firecracker and Rose also sang with the kids in our Junior Church program before the church at our Sunday service last week.  They had children reading verses also for parents and it was really cute and sweet.  My Firecracker was swinging when he shouldn’t have been, covering his face and yawning and stuff.  It was kind of usual for him, and not at all something he was doing during practice.  Oh well.  Rose was very serious and did a great job.

jr church choir

We took one night this week and went to look at Christmas lights.  We go to Quicktrip and get hotdogs and slushies before we go look at the lights and our children love it.

christmas lights

I also got them nice and cleaned up and made them wear Christmas colors as best as I could to spend time with our families.

ready for Christmas

These are some of the pictures of our Christmas celebration with my parents and some of the great gifts that they  got.  We also were excited to be able to give them a Wii U as their Christmas present from us on Christmas morning.  There’s been a lot of game time since 🙂

christmas with nana

They also have been playing heavily with their Build-A-Bear toys they made last week.  They also spent some time compiling their collection of Build-A-Bear dolls across the top of my couch one morning.  Between the four of them, they have quite an impressive collection of dolls.

build a bear

Of course, not everything we did this week was Christmas related.  That’s what they don’t tell you about picking an interest-led homeschooling style.  Learning all the time means that you’re even learning on Christmas week.  We finished an The American Indian Prayer Guide that we’ve been using for prayer guidance for quite some time.  The reason why I bought it was so that we could learn little snippets about the Indians and pray for needs other than just our own.  It served its purpose well.

We also read Kaya Shows The Way and Changes For Kaya.  Both were great books, and they’re the end of the series, but we’ve still got a collection of short stories and a Kaya mystery to read before we finish our time with Kaya.


We did an activity learning about Noah where the children drew up plans and built according to those plans.  I’ll share more about that in a post later this week that I’ve started writing out, but I haven’t quite finished yet.

building from plans

We started reading a book about the California gold rush, and since we didn’t have our timeline notebooks yet when we studied the gold rush with our history program, we added it to our timeline notebook this week.

california gold rush

I also worked with Firecracker on his Pokemon notebook.  We did the evolutionary cycle of two different Pokemon.  He’s got more suggestions, for work, but he’s also got lots of Christmas toys for playing and right now, the Christmas toys are still winning.

pokemon notebook

The little kids wanted to spend a little time “doing preschool.”  We watched nursery rhyme videos, talked about a Bible verse (John 3:16), did a little prewriting and did some fish puzzles online.  They’ve also been puzzle building fiends with their new puzzles from Christmas (especially Owlet).

letter f

I also cross-stitched this week.  I finished a cross-stitch piece that I have been working on for a little over a month for my sister and brother-in-law for Christmas. It’s called “Glory, Glory” and is a design from Jan Alexander at Tree of Life Samplings, LLC.  I did it on a hand-dyed straw colored even weave from Picture This Plus, and all the thread is Weeks Dye Works.  I’m very happy with the way it turned out.

I also worked on some designs that were part of issue #198 of The World of Cross-Stitching.  The sparkly thread that they’re stitched with was also included with the magazine.  I’m considering it starting work on next Christmas’s tags and cards this week. 😀

cross stitch

This last collage is just a bunch of random images from the week.  The first is my new Captain America air freshener from Firecracker’s Loot Crate this month.  I took this picture on my hubby and my date night to see the new Hobbit movie.  I have a picture of a nativity drawing Rose was drawing in her sketchbook one evening when she was “so bored” and couldn’t figure out what to do.   There’s a picture of my new dalek Christmas ornament from friends. 😀  I also have a picture of Monkey playing with his new superhero Legos and Owlet dressed in her new Ariel costume.


I guess that’s about it for this week–the last full week of 2014.  I plan to write a post about the Noah lesson we worked with this week and finally post my top ten posts of 2014 before the week is out.  Hope everyone else had a great Christmas!!


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