Day in the Life: December Edition

This month’s day in the life is a very regular Monday around the house.  It also happened to be a great time to take a snapshot of our around the house for December because everyone was starting to get sick and I didn’t even know that the last half of our week would be consumed with sickness and medicine when we were going through our day on Monday.  So, this is Monday, December 15, 2014.

I started by getting up early enough to have Bible time with my husband before he left for work.  We read out of Revelation chapter 2.  I continued to pray and journal after he left, and then I picked up a book I was reading and read a chapter out of that.

Before I knew it, the children were up and I made them pop-tarts and cereal for breakfast.  Then, we sat in front of the computer and completed our last lesson and a test to go along with our history program. We finished learning about Teddy Roosevelt.  The children share a Veritas account and alternate assignments on the program.  As it happens this was a test day, and it was Rose’s turn to take the test.  She needed Firecracker to collaborate with her on some of the dates, but she understood the concepts, and collaborating, they received a 100%.

We also finished reading a favorite book we’ve read as part of our history program.  It’s the true story of two brothers around the turn of the century who went on several road trips together as children.  We’ve been fascinated with the story.  It’s a part of American history, a detail that I didn’t even know existed, and I’ve been just as fascinated with the book as the children have.


It’s time for me to have some individual Bible time with the kids.  Since Firecracker is getting his time with me first, Rose sits down and begins taking some pictures of Monkey and editing them.  Monkey’s dressed up like Santa Claus and set up a “sleigh” with stuffed animals attached to be reindeer.


Meanwhile, Firecracker goes over his Revelation book and his AWANA verses with me.  Once I’m finished with him, he goes and decides to play with his photo editor a little while Rose is working on her Revelation and AWANA books.


We then completed our Advent devotional on Elijah along with the Lego challenge of building a stone altar.  Firecracker even puts a pillar of fire coming down from heaven.


We decide that this is a perfect time to take a lunch break, and so we do.  We have leftovers and/or sandwiches, and we watch a movie.  I know it was something Christmasy, but I don’t remember if it was Charlie Brown or Mickey Mouse.  One of the reasons I don’t remember is because I was taking a shower during part of it 😀

After lunch, I give the children baths in pairs and then get them dressed in “real” clothes.  The girls bathe first.  While they bathe, Monkey sits outside the bathtub and plays with them while Firecracker starts working on a series of Cubee crafts.  He starts with Jigglypuff.


While the boys take a bath, Rose works on making a Christmas card for her Grammi and Papa.


Owlet sits and helps me as I make reindeer candy canes for the kids in my CBS and AWANAs classes.


Once bath times are over and everyone is dressed, Firecracker is itching to work in his Pokemon notebook.  So, we work on pages for Togepi, and the two things that he evolves into.  These sheets always take some time because we read about the pokemon, see if we can find a video clip or two of one in action, and find coloring pages to color and cut up for our notebook pages.


Rose asks for Logic of English, mostly because she’s wanting to play a couple of rounds of Dragon.  So, we play Dragon, and then we review our spelling rules, and make a page for the newest one.


At that point, I notice how late it’s getting and decide I need to make us a quick dinner.  Tonight is either cheese quesadillas or chicken and black bean quesadillas with potato chips.

Dinner has to be quick because as soon as Hubby gets home we leave to go to the local high school’s chorus concert.  The chorus director and his wife are friends and it’s fun to go see him and his students in action. Rose hopes that one day she’ll sing as well as those teenagers do!

We get home, relax with Daddy for a little bit, watch a couple of episodes of Pokemon.  I noticed during the chorus concert that Monkey was running a little bit of a fever (just as he had the night before), so I medicate him, and then it’s bedtime for everyone.


2 thoughts on “Day in the Life: December Edition

  1. I haven’t seen a jigglypuff since my kids were little. Love the reindeer candy canes. So cute. And you are awesome! Your house sounds it like it runs so smoothly and I like how you teach mixed with a little fun.

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