This Week: Rose’s Birthday

This week was dominated by sick kids and Rose’s birthday. The little kids were sick early in the week.  Then, just as I thought everyone was getting better, the bigger kids got sick later in the week.  Rose’s birthday also made it’s long awaited appearance, and she is now eight!!

I’m still continuing to push with the lego challenge and the devotion out of the Unwrapping the Greatest Gift each day. I’m really pleased because I’ve never been able to actually keep up a daily advent thing, and this year we’re almost at the finish line and still going strong!

lego advent

We continued to read and do history this week.  It’s just our morning thing.  If Daddy has to work, we get up and do history, read our Bibles and do a couple of chapters out of a read-aloud.  This week we read Kaya And Lone Dog which is a sweet story that the children really loved.  We also read Bud & Me : The True Adventures of the Abernathy Boys.  This is a slice of American history from around the turn of the century that I never knew existed until it was recommended reading for our history course.  We loved it so much that I even told Hubby that he should read it!


As far as this week goes for Firecracker, he worked a little more on his Pokemon notebook. He would have worked more than this, but I just didn’t have time to help him with it this week between sick kids, birthdays and trying to work on a little Christmas preparations.  He also finished watching all the Pokemon Indigo League that they have on Netflix.  Now, we need to find a way to watch some Pokemon between what’s on Netflix and what is on Amazon Instant Video.  It’s entirely frustrating to leave off in the middle of the story like that 🙂

pokemon notebook

He’s also been busy making CubeeCraft dolls this week.  I like that he’s finally skilled enough to do the whole assembly himself because we went through several frustrating years where he wanted to make paper models but couldn’t do it on his own.

Firecracker's Cubee

Rose worked some on making Christmas cards for her grandparents this week.  Owlet helped me make reindeer candy canes for some of the children I teach at church and Community Bible Study.  I also have been making Hubby a Christmas collage of the children that I’m stuck on and haven’t been back to work on in a few days.  I’m having a really hard time feeling Christmas spirit though, so I haven’t been working as much as I should.

Christmas Prep

Rose also requested Logic of English one day this week.  We reviewed our new spelling rule and practiced reading some words using the spelling rule.

logic of english

She also spent some time making a Buttercup Cubee doll from The Princess Bride.  I ended up helping and we used a lot of tape because not all the cuts were perfect.

Rose also worked on a little photo editing on her DS this week.

Rose crafts

We had Rose’s birthday on Thursday night (which was her actual birthday). The children were puny, and we celebrated just with my parents, who had already seen them puny once or twice this week.  Rose was overjoyed to get her own big girl camera from my Mom and Dad.  Now she can make pictures and video whenever she wants.  I also promised to teach her how to use my PicMonkey account to edit her own photos.

rose birthday

I also broke the “good mom” code and let my kids go to Build-A-Bear for Rose’s birthday even though I knew Firecracker was sick.  That’s a confession that I don’t like making, and I actually wavered back-and-forth with the decision when I did it.  <sigh>  It’s done now though so I can’t change it.

Build a bear

The preschoolers spent a lot of time sick and sleepy this week.  They took extra naps and focused on getting better.  Right now, they’re recovering much easier than the older children are!

sick and sleepy

When they were feeling a little better at the end of the week, we started learning about the letter F.


That about does it this week.  The kids are still coughing and yucky, but the fevers are mostly gone and I’m glad.  I’m just hoping that I don’t get sick and be miserable at Christmas.  I find that I haven’t done the baking and candy making that I usually do at Christmas because of the sickness in the house, so I have no clue what I’m doing for Christmas presents this year!!  Not a good place to be with three days to Christmas!!

I’m expecting to bring a couple more posts this week.  I have a day-in-the-life post in the works for this week and I’m planning on a top 10 posts of 2014 post Friday or next Monday.


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