This Week

This week is quite a hodgepodge.  A mix of learning and Christmas fun 🙂  I haven’t pushed or set up anything for the children myself this week, other than making sure that we did our Jesse Tree devotional and our Lego challenge each day, so you’ll be able to clearly see the children’s own learning choices and how they made up their week.

I did, however, continue to push the Jesse tree devotional and the Lego challenges.  I’m really quite proud of us.  This is the first year ever that I’ve actually made it past the first few days of an advent devotional.  The children also enjoy the book and the lego building we’ve been doing (even though to me the end results mostly look the same!!), so they remind me that we need to do it daily.

lego advent

Firecracker is still really into Pokemon, and from what I’ve heard from the relatives, he’s going to be receiving lots of Pokemon cards, video games and plush toys to help him to continue his interest long after Christmas is over.  This week, he worked on Bulbasaur and his evolution cycle.  It is my intention to eventually get him his own “Pokemon Handbook,” but right now, I like the way he’s making his own.

pokemon notebook

He’s also making more of his own plushies.  He designed the Mewtwo on the left, and the Oddish on the right comes from a pattern we found on Craftster.  There are some seriously fun looking crochet patterns for some of these Pokemon online, but right now, he’s not really interested in taking the time to learn crochet.

There have also been a lot of live-action Pokemon matches between the four of them over the past week or two.  They’re all really enjoying learning about and watching Pokemon, and I’m enjoying the way they’re playing together, even if it does get a little loud sometimes.


He’s also really  enjoying history and insists on it every morning after breakfast.  I never realized when we took on Veritas Press for review through the Crew how much my children would love it.  Some days, even Monkey and Owlet come and sit down in front of the computer for history time.  I’ve added a timeline so that they can combine the history that we study with their personal history and the other books we read (more as a resource to grow with them and for me).  We’ve been studying the Spanish-American War, president Teddy Roosevelt and talking about Mount Rushmore a little this week.  We also added X-rays to the timeline because I began reading a book about Wilhelm Roentgen during our read-aloud time this week.  We’ve just finished up week 23 of 32 for Veritas.  I’m still in awe over the fact that we’ve found a history that has so enthralled our kids.


As far as Rose goes this week, she and I have both been making cards–me for my CBS class and she for her relatives.  Owlet has also enjoyed gluing down bunches of sequins to make cards.

card making

She’s also been continuing to make ornaments for relatives on her list.  She’s pouring paint into the glass ornaments we were given and drawing her designs with Sharpies.  I really like the way that they’re turning out.

Roses ornaments

She also requested some Logic of English this week.  We worked a little bit on long and short vowel sounds (because she needs practice remembering), and we worked on listening for how many syllables a word has.  Because of our syllable work, I was able to introduce the idea of vowels saying their names at the end of a syllable, which is something that I think is going to help her reading and Firecracker’s spelling.

If you’ve done Logic of English, you know that we’re doing occasional small chunks of it, and not hitting it hard daily.  It’s because Rose needs the time to internalize whatever we learn and begin applying it before she’s ready to move on, and she can only handle so much at a time.  She’s really working on reading and spelling right now though, so her desire to learn more drives her back to Logic of English almost weekly.

logic of english

Rose is also having us continue to read the Kaya books.  This week we read Kaya’s Hero.  It’s sweet, touching and nearly made her cry at the end.  She even found her little Kaya mini-doll I gave her for Christmas last year and is excited about Kaya’s books.

Also in this collage, is a drawing she drew of Jesus based on Revelation chapter one where we just began studying Revelation in Community Bible Study.  I love the fire in His eyes and the strong feet that she drew.

I also have one of Owlet’s creations right here because I needed a place to put it.  You can barely see the men, but it’s her fiery furnace from our Cubbies lesson last week!


Speaking of Community Bible Study, the preschoolers made these beautiful handprint angels for our tree this week as they learned about how the angel appeared to Mary.

angel ornaments

They’ve also been really pushing us back to using Easy-Peasy for preschool or as they call it, “preschool on the computer.”  As part of that, we made blue circle collages for our circle book this week.  I think that we’ll make the cover for the books and maybe a fishbowl with the letter F and be done with them so that the little kids can turn their focus to triangles.  I’ll show off Monkey’s in a separate post once we’re done so you can get a feel for what we included in the projects.

circle collages

We also made handprint elephants for “E is for Elephant.”  I was real excited about those because all four children did that.  I always wonder when Firecracker lets me paint his hand for a craft if it will be the last time he’ll let me.  He let me this time (because he loves animals), and his is on the bottom left 🙂  I think they turned out so cute!!

e is for elephant

We also made paper bag elephants.  This was Monkey’s pick, but all four kids were really excited about making them.  We haven’t done a paper bag animal since the one we did for C is for cat, and I think that was back in October.

paper bag elephant

Monkey has spent a lot of time dressing up like Santa.  He took his reindeer he got from Build-A-Bear last Christmas and a little riding toy we still have and hooked them up together, and then he and Owlet have been pretending he’s delivering toys.  It’s the cutest thing.


santa claus

Of course, Santa’s not the only character the little ones have been dressing up as.  This week, they’ve been Mario and Belle (TL), a soldier from the Spanish-American war (TR), a fashion model in the snow (BL), and Elsa and Superman (BR).  I’m sure there was more too, and I just didn’t get pictures of it.  I know Monkey’s dressed up as Ash from Pokemon several times this week!

dress up

Our elves have been getting into trouble.  Not too much though because I touched them on Monday or Tuesday, and they haven’t moved since.  I think I killed their Christmas magic.


We also have our tree up and the lights mostly working.  I think I’m going to have to get new lights or a new tree or something next year because I don’t even have my garland on where Hubby’s had to tinker with the lights so much.

We also had a Christmas party at the church and the kids got their picture made with Santa again this week.  I really like this one because for once they’re all looking!!

I also received a cute ornament this week, and I’m nearly panicking over the idea that there’s less than two weeks to Christmas and I haven’t even attended to anyone except for my children.  I’m trying to just push it out of my mind and do what I need to do for each day so that I don’t get overwhelmed with a huge to-do list.

Christmas prep

You may have noticed that I’ve posted a little less over the past couple of weeks, and I’m pretty sure that’s a trend that will continue.  I always have something that I want to share and to write about, but I just don’t have time.  I’m coming out of a period that was spiritually a little dry, and many times my morning quiet time for prayer and Bible time were short.  That left me more time to write.  Now that I’m hearing more from God again and feeling closer, my morning times that I was using to write are quickly becoming dominated by times for study, prayer and personal writing and reflection.  Today is the first time I’ve spent more than fifteen or twenty minutes on the computer at a time in a week (because I just don’t feel right if I don’t wrap up my week!).  I’ll still be here.  It’ll just be a little less for a while.  (That’s also why I haven’t been reading and commenting on as much lately.)

Also, while I’m writing this really long wrap-up, if you think about it, please pray for my brother-in-law.  He’s been in the hospital a month with pancreas issues, and they expect him to be in the hospital for some time yet.  It’s hard to have a loved one in the hospital, but it’s especially hard at the holidays.


2 thoughts on “This Week

  1. I agree with Leah – Yay for hearing from God and feeling closer to Him – nothing is better than that!
    I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas making many happy memories!

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