This Week: Lego Advent and Pokemon Plushies

We’ve definitely had fun and excitement as we’ve approached our week this week!  Some of the fun has even been Christmas-related!!  We’ve also done a few things that could be considered schoolwork this week 😀  So, let me start with the work, and then, I’ll show you some of the fun we’re doing!!

We’ve continued working on the skeleton in science.  We’ve talked about joints and motion of joints, and we’ve drew pictures of our own bodies to decorate.  Firecracker opted out of drawing his own body, choosing instead to draw around some of his stuffed toys and measure the stuffed toys height.  Unless something changes, I’m probably halting science until after Christmas when I’ll see if I can get some interest in a unit on x-rays that will combine the little kids and big kids 😀

bodies and joints

We started studying the Spanish-American war in history.  We also read Kaya’s Escape, and it’s about the Nez Perce Indians.  It’s set about 100-150 years before the period in history we’re primarily studying right now, but we’re absorbing a lot from the books about Native American culture and history in that time period.


We also continued with our ARTistic Pursuits curriculum this week.  This week we focused on still life.

still life

We spent much of the remainder of our week wrapped up in Pokemon.  Firecracker continued his Pokemon dictionary.  The children also made paper doll cutouts of various Pokemon coloring pages.  This week, we focused on charmander and squirtle, including their evolved forms.

pokemon notebook

Firecracker and Rose also made some Pokemon plushies.  Firecracker uses hot glue and felt as his mediums.  Rose only made one, but since it was sewn from felt, I was pretty happy with the work she did.

pokemon plushies

We spent the rest of the week focusing on Christmas.  Our elves are back and causing trouble!


The girls have been making ornaments!  Rose says she’s making the large ball ornaments for everyone on her Christmas list, so we shall see!

ornament making

We started our Advent devotional.  This year, we’re using Unwrapping the Greatest Gift as our primary Christmas devotional.  We’re combining it with the children’s love of Lego by using the Proverbial Homemaker’s Jesse Tree Lego challenges.  This is how our first four days went.

Lego Advent

We also spent one evening this week watching our town’s Christmas parade.  Except for Monkey, who was bothered by all the loud trucks and sirens, we all had a great time!

waiting for a parade

We didn’t do any formal preschool this week, but the children had fun.  Monkey was a cowboy half the week this week, and I think he’s the cutest thing ever!!  Owlet spent part of her time being “Nurse Joy,” a animal nurse from Pokemon.  Other than that, she’s just been going around, looking cute, and occasionally falling asleep on the days she needs a nap (or my read-alouds are especially boring!).

around the house

That about does it for our week.  We’re continuing to gallop towards Christmas!  I have a feeling that everything after this week will begin to slowly turn itself seasonal (or Pokemon) until after the first of the year 😀


One thought on “This Week: Lego Advent and Pokemon Plushies

  1. I’ve never thought to have the children glue felt for plush toys – that’s clever! The picture dictionary looks like it’s coming along nicely, too. It looks like there’s still plenty of room for seasonal and Pokemon learning along with the fun during your Christmas break!

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