Our Monsters Inc. Family Movie Night

Somehow, right after Halloween, Rose got it into her head that we hadn’t celebrated Halloween as thoroughly as we should have done.  (I think it’s because it was cold and rainy on Halloween night so trick-or-treating wasn’t as much fun as it should have been.)  So, she became really interested in the idea of doing a family movie night for Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University.  A double feature movie night with special food did sound like an excellent idea, so we went to Pinterest and started planning our movie night.  These are some of the recipes and activities that we chose and how they worked out for us.

Our Monsters Inc Family Movie Night

Our first thing we did toward our movie night is to make simple printable masks for everyone who wanted a mask.  This really helped my little monsters feel like they were a part.


We also printed out a few printable Monsters, Inc. characters for the little kids to decorate and cut out so that they would be able to help us decorate.


Rose also decorated our fireplace mantel with one of our hand-drawn pennant banners.  I know you can’t really see the details, but she worked hard on it 🙂


Then, we spent a big part of the day we had the movie night preparing a meal and snacks.  For our main dish, we decided to have some homemade ramen noodle soup.  It was a lot of work, but it was easy work and Rose was able to help a lot!


To go with it, we decided to have quesadillas filled with refried beans and cheddar cheese.  Originally, I was going to use an idea of cutting them into Mike from Monsters, Inc, but I decided to just simplify and go with wedges.


With these main dishes, we made several desserts.  We made Sulley yogurt pops.  I wasn’t interested in eating them, but the kids told me they were delicious.


Monkey made “doors.”  They were graham crackers spread with marshmallow fluff and topped with Hershey bar pieces.


We also made jello popcorn.  Of course, we made ours in blue and green for Sulley and Mike!


It was a fun and delicious evening!!


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