An Author Interview with James Dempsey

If you’re following me on social media, you probably have noticed that I’ve been sharing many of my favorite quotes from a new book I’ve been reading recently.  The book is called Parenting Unchained: Overcoming the Ten Deceptions That Shackle Christian Parents, and the author’s message is simple.  There are some lies that Satan wants you to believe about parenting, and if you believe these lies, they will shackle your ability to effectively parent.

While, I won’t be giving you a full review of this book until Monday, I wanted to take a little time to get you acquainted with it’s author today.

10806424_809125029149701_7699278570677527100_n  James Dempsey is a family minister in Austin, Texas, and his passion in ministry is to help parents to train and disciple their children.  In addition to his ministry position, Dr. Dempsey is also a presenter and consultant for the National Center on Biblical Parenting.  You can visit Dr. Dempsey’s website, called, where he shares books and resources, as well as information about seminars and training.  You can also read from his informative and encouraging blog at this website as well.

These are some of the questions that the Parenting Unchained launch team had for Dr. Dempsey:

You’re an author. Can you tell us about your book?

The book’s title, Parenting Unchained, reflects the freedom that parents can experience IF they understand the way Satan tries to deceive them. You can’t avoid the pitfalls you don’t see!

What was the motivation for writing the book?

I felt that the Bible has much more to say about parenting than the few verses that speak specifically to parents. I saw in God’s interaction with the nation of Israel, and in Jesus’s interaction with the disciples, many great lessons on how to parent, so those lessons are explained. But most of all, I want Christian parents to avoid the parenting mistakes I made so that Christ becomes real to the next generation.You are self published.

What has that been like?

I was blessed to be able to publish under the banner of the National Center for Biblical Parenting, so in some ways the process was similar to traditional publishing. Working with them gave me the ability to put their logo on the spine, which brings credibility. They provided the cover artist and interior designer, plus advice on formatting. Dr. Scott Turansky of the NCBP provided the ‘tough love’ editing I needed to improve the book. I’m very grateful to him and proud to be associated with the NCBP.

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