Homeschool Spending: The November Edition

This month is a hum-drum of spending on subjects and special Thanksgiving activities and cooking. I’m hoping as I write this up that this is not a spendy month because I really can’t afford another month life October!!

We’re reviewing two science curriculua from Common Sense Press  right now, and my science loving Firecracker has suggested that we do a chapter from each one alternating chapters.  Because I love living books, I find myself purchasing a few from Amazon to compliment our studies.  (Why not use the library?  I don’t know exactly when or how long we’ll use the resources, so I prefer to just have them on our shelves.  It takes the pressure off.)

My first purchase this month was for some books on x-rays and Clara Barton for the skeleton chapter in our Human Body science book.  I bought Wilhelm Roentgen and the Discovery of X-Rays, Clara Barton: Founder of the American Red Cross, andX-treme X-ray: See the World Inside Out!.  Total cost was $12.50.

We needed new ebony pencils, so I ordered some off of Amazon.  Total cost was $3.99.

Firecracker needed some new felt for some plush toys he was creating, so we bought 12 pieces of felt from Hobby Lobby.  Total cost was $3.24.

My children are all big fans of the book Scaredy Squirrel.  In fact, Firecracker is such a big fan that he requested more Scaredy Squirrel.  I ordered three books that were fairly cheap used, and spent $13.70.

We bought a copy of The Nutcracker for our reading pleasure (and perhaps some literature study) used.  It was $4.54.

We finished our The Never Girl books we’ve been reading, so I ordered The Fairy Bell Sisters series because I felt like it compliments their interest in fairies.  Total cost was $27.40.

Yay!  I needed a cheaper month!  I could have saved more if I’d gone to the library and checked some of these books out, but I didn’t and the only books we’ve actually used yet are the Scaredy Squirrel ones.  They’re all soon to come, even though I’m thinking about putting the Fairy Bell ones away for Christmas since we’ve started reading the American Girl Kaya series.

Total this month: $65.37

Academic Year to Date: $505.79


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