Camouflage Names

I’ve been working pretty heavily with my preschoolers at name recognition.  It’s really sinking in with Monkey, but Owlet could care less.  After all, she’s only three and isn’t really that interested in learning yet 🙂  At the same time, the bigger kids are starting to work on writing their names in cursive.

So, with all this work on writing and recognizing one’s name, I was pretty tickled when I happened across the inspiration for this activity in my preschoolers’ Little Hands to Heaven book.

I pulled out white sheets of printer paper for everyone and quickly prepared this activity by using dotted sharpie lines to make an outline of my children’s names for them to practice.  (There were a couple I had to do twice because I was having difficulty getting the spacing right.)

I allowed the children to use, crayons markers or whatever other material they liked to make their names with.  Owlet mostly traced her name and made a few scribbles.  I liked how she also practiced writing her “E” several times beside her name.


Monkey turned his letters into “characters” from VeggieTales and from his superhero cartoons.  I liked watching the C become Larryboy and him talk about his characters as he wrote them.  He also drew several more characters up above his name as he made his characters fly, fight and talk.


Of course, he was following the example of his brother, who quickly created a Halloweenish picture.    I kind of love how all the curves in Firecracker’s name became little ghosts.


But, of course, my artistic child is the child who really caught the spirit of this activity.  Rose turned her name into the petals of a flower and the vine coming off the flower.  Then, she filled in her picture with a blue sky with clouds and the dirt for the flower.  She was very proud of her hard work.

Camouflage Names

I started working on my name and filling it in with zentangle patterns, but didn’t ever finish it, so I’m not going to display my name for you guys.  I do have to say that I loved this project.  It was a fun and somewhat educational way to fill in part of an afternoon.


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