This Week

This week my children began easing me past Thanksgiving and on into Christmas.  We started out by having pictures made with Santa.  It’s impossible to get a great picture of all four of them together, but on the whole, I was pleased with how these pictures turned out.

Santa Pictures

The children also continued their Nutcracker love by making some Nutcracker ornaments for our Christmas tree.


We found other things to do too.  I read the kids the last two of The Never Girls books this week.  We’ve already pre-ordered number 8, and we’ve really enjoyed this series over the past month.  I also got three more Scraredy Squirrel books, and I have a feeling that they’re soon going to be favorites with the children.


We also did some reading about Sitting Bull for history because we studied The Battle of the Little Bighorn.


We also pulled Logic of English back out and learned some new phonograms: er, or, ea, and sh.  We played a new game called phonogram snatch to help us remember our phonograms.  Fun was had.  Tears were also cried, mostly by Rose, because it was difficult.  Still, she made herself progress through it, even when I would have let her quit.


We also did science this week.  We started learning about the skeletal system.  Firecracker and I found this really exciting and interesting.


We did a little mini art project on drawing skeletons.  We used white chalk (except for Firecracker who hates the smearing chalk and used oil pastels.  I can only smile at the drawings because Owlet draws hearts right now every time we have a drawing lesson!!

skeleton drawings

I worked on the verse “Even a child is known by his deeds” with the little kids and I taught them “Every move I make” since we’re studying the letter “E” right now.

even a child

We also fingerpainted our letter “E” worksheet.

fingerpaint e

We also practiced a prewriting worksheet to help us to the strokes for capital E.  While we had the chalk out making our skeleton chalk drawings, Monkey also drew some Pokemon (like this Bulbasaur) out of chalk while we had the chalk out doing our skeleton drawings this week.

We’ve also watched a ton of television this week.  We stumbled across Tinga Tinga Tales this week.  They’re awesome little African folktales, and they’re about 10-12 minutes long each.  We’ve watched almost the entire two seasons on Amazon this week!  In the collage below, the photo on the left is Monkey’s drawing of why the elephant has a long nose.


We’ve also watched more Pokemon this week and spent more time finding out the evolutionary cycle of different Pokemon.  This week we concentrated on Oddish and Psyduck.  These are some pages from Firecracker’s notebook along with some drawings and a couple of things colored by the other children.


Rose has also spent some time drawing with colored pencils and her horse stencils.  We’ve been filling up our thankful tree.  Even when I forget Owlet and Monkey remind me.  Firecracker and Rose have been playing a coin trading game that Rose thought up (probably based on Pokemon), and it’s been a great way to help the children practice counting money.  I also took pictures of the cat with his box and a sleeping Spiderman, just because they’re cute.


I think that’s about it for our week this week.  I can feel that we’re on the slide, sliding toward Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I’m scheduling this to post the day before Thanksgiving, and it really doesn’t feel like it could already be here.  Amazing how that goes!


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