Thinking About Heaven

thinking about heavenIt’s been almost a year since Firecracker drew this picture.  I remember the morning that he sat and drew it.  We had been reading out of Romans and a little out of Revelation for Community Bible Study.  The question asked him to draw what he imagined that heaven would look like.  He immediately began drawing people, angels, and Jesus.  He said things as he drew like, “I can’t wait to go to heaven.  Jesus will be there.  So, will Paw, and Abraham and Paul and all the other people who knew Jesus and died.”

He continued to draw his heaven full of people.  Then, He said, “Don’t worry.  I’m not going to try to go there early.  I just know it’s going to be awesome there.”

Out of a heart of a child came a picture that has transformed my views of heaven.  Always before I had pictured the gold and mansions described in the Bible, but never before had I thought about the the people who are at the heart of heaven.  Never before had I been excited at the idea of seeing Jesus and the other ones that I loved when I thought about heaven.  Always before I had thought of heaven as a “someday,” “not wanting to go anytime soon” type of place.

This one conversation and drawing with my son has been something that God has used to change my heart though.  Now, when I consider heaven, I think about all the people I love who will be there.  And best of all, I think about Jesus.  My son taught me a lesson.  Heaven is going to be an awesome place, and while, like my son, I’m not aiming to go there early, I am more and more aware of how temporary, fragile and short this life is in the eyes of eternity.


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