Circle Paintings

The little kids have been using circles as the shape that they’ve been concentrating on for a while now.  We don’t do circle activities every day but I try to have them work on making a new page for their circle book about once a week.  The older kids join in when there’s an activity that is appropriate for them (such as this one).

I’ve seen several variations of this activity on Pinterest, so I feel like it’s safe to write my own variation on this craft 🙂  For this, you will need:

  • Toilet paper tubes
  • Black Tempera Paint
  • Watercolor Paper
  • Watercolor paint, brushes, etc.

To begin, since the children are creating a circle-shaped book of their circle activities, I cut each child a piece of watercolor paper into a circle shape.  (I’m tracing a paper plate to get the size and shape of my circles.)  Then, I set out black tempera paint and toilet paper tubes to stamp the paper with.  The kids are quite familiar with this technique, so this portion was completed fairly quickly.  My black paint is a cheaper brand, and it dried with just a little greenish tint.


A few days later, we picked up the paintings, and pulled out the watercolor paints.  I didn’t give them any instructions other than that we were going to fill in the circles.  However, I did one alongside them, so they would know how I was doing it.  (There are some cool variations where you fill in the circles to do color mixing, but the children weren’t interested in that.)

paintingThe kids were happy to be painting, and I was pleased with the results.  From Owlet, my three year old:


From Monkey, my four year old:


From Rose, my seven year old:

Circle Paintings

And from Firecracker, my nine year old:


They all had their individual flair, but turned out quite pretty!!


3 thoughts on “Circle Paintings

  1. This is such a simple, yet pretty craft! I love how unique each of them turned out. What fun! Thank you for stopping by and sharing with Toddler Idea Tuesday. This post has been featured and I have pinned it to my Toddler Ideas Board.
    Have a great day.

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